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A Mindfulness Guide for Holiday Stress

It’s that time of year again, so before things get too hectic, take a moment and slow down. Our mindfulness guide for holiday stress will give you some quick and easy tips to help you survive the madness. The bustling holiday season is upon us, a time for connecting, giving gifts, sharing food, and spreading… Read more »

Meditation Gifts: Holiday Shopping Guide 2023

Looking for meaningful gift for a meditator this holiday season? Our holiday shopping guide for 2023 has meditation gifts for everyone, whether you are just getting into meditation practice or have years of experience. This holiday season, do something different: buy a gift that will last a lifetime and inspire action. Take that first step… Read more »

Choosing the Right Samue for You

Form and function come together exceptionally in samue clothing. Here’s how to choose the right samue for you. Originally designed for labor around Zen monasteries, today the samue is a simple, dynamic outfit that can be worn for a variety of occasions, including work, meditation, and relaxation. Still Sitting offers a range of beautiful, durable… Read more »

Mindfulness On The Go

It is hard enough finding time at home to cultivate a strong meditation practice. But what about when you’re working, visiting family, or vacationing on a beach somewhere? Impossible right?! What if you could bring your mindfulness practice with you into these busy moments of your life? Well, you can. No matter where you are… Read more »

The Bodhisattva Jizo: A Guide For The Weary

Small stone statues dot the Japanese countryside. You will see them along roadways and trails; they appear tucked away in small shrines. They show up in manga (Japanese comic books) and popular films like My Neighbor Totoro. The diminutive bald figure, often rendered with baby-like features is comforting, cute even. This is Jizo, a Buddhist… Read more »

Sitting In The Park With Indy Community Yoga

Still Sitting is proud of the relationships it forms with organizations and individuals around the world as they engage in meditation and mindfulness practice. Occasionally we like to share their stories in our Customer Spotlight. These are some of the engaging, creative, colorful people who use Still Sitting products. In 2019, Tony Wiederhold was at… Read more »

Meditation Cushion or Bench: Sitting Basics

Your body is the foundation of your meditation practice, and what you sit on plays an important role in supporting this foundation. But, finding a comfortable and stable position to sit in, especially for long periods of time, can be difficult. We understand that everyone’s bodies are different, so we offer a variety of meditation… Read more »

Oryoki and Mindful Eating

As we navigate our daily routines, it’s easy to fall into the trap of rushed meals and distracted bites. The simple act of eating itself can be neglected. In a world of fast food, meal delivery, and hurried lunch breaks, attentiveness at meal time can feel impossible. This is where the ancient practice of Oryoki… Read more »

Choosing the Right Meditation Bench

A meditation bench can greatly enhance your practice by providing support and comfort that differs from traditional meditation cushions. They can make sitting more accessible, especially for those with flexibility and joint issues. Unlike using a zafu, a meditation bench allows you to sit in a kneeling position, taking some pressure off the knees and… Read more »