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What is a gomden?

The gomden or “Tibetan seat” is a firm, rectangular cushion that offers a meditation alternative to the more widely-used zafu. Everyone’s body is unique, so it’s important to find a style of cushion that works for you. This can make the difference between deep practice and meditation marred by distraction and discomfort. If you are… Read more »

Kapok fiber: a sustainable cotton alternative

Derived from the pods of the ceiba pentandra tree, kapok is a fluffy, cotton-like natural fiber that has historically been used in upholstery, furniture, and meditation cushions. Its soft, buoyant composition (weighing one-eighth the weight of cotton) makes it both comfortable and supportive to sit on. In addition to these qualities, kapok has also become… Read more »

What is a zabuton?

In the Zen tradition, seated meditation requires two cushions: a zafu and a zabuton. If you go into almost any meditation center, you’ll see these two cushions paired together, lined up in neat, parallel rows for students. Today, a variety of traditions and practices beyond Zen use these cushions. However, zafus, those puffy, cloud-like seats,… Read more »

What is a zafu?

When you meditate, you must, almost invariably, sit on something. Thus the idea of a meditation cushion was born: an inconspicuous accessory that can not only improve posture, but also offer a modicum of comfort. Whether you practice Buddhism or are merely dipping your toes into meditation, you are likely to encounter a squat, circular… Read more »

The ’12 Days Of Stillness’ Sale

The holiday season is upon us and we are bringing back our “12 Days of Stillness” sale to highlight some of our favorite products. Find a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one this year — at a great discount. Each day from December 1-12, we will offer a discount on a different product.… Read more »

Meditation Gifts: Holiday Shopping Guide 2023

Looking for meaningful gift for a meditator this holiday season? Our holiday shopping guide for 2023 has meditation gifts for everyone, whether you are just getting into meditation practice or have years of experience. This holiday season, do something different: buy a gift that will last a lifetime and inspire action. Take that first step… Read more »

Meditation Cushion or Bench: Sitting Basics

Your body is the foundation of your meditation practice, and what you sit on plays an important role in supporting this foundation. But, finding a comfortable and stable position to sit in, especially for long periods of time, can be difficult. We understand that everyone’s bodies are different, so we offer a variety of meditation… Read more »

Zabuton: Origins and Current Uses

The zabuton is a traditional Japanese cushion that has been used for centuries. Its history can be traced back to the Edo period (1603-1868), when it was primarily used in Zen meditation practices. The word “zabuton” is derived from the Japanese words “za” (sitting) and “buton” (cushion), which accurately describes its function. Prior to the… Read more »

Zafus for Better Learning

Still Sitting is proud of the relationships it forms with organizations and individuals around the world as they engage in meditation and mindfulness practice. Occasionally we like to share their stories in our Customer Spotlight. These are some of the engaging, creative, colorful people who use Still Sitting products. Can you change how someone thinks… Read more »