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Choosing the Right Zafu

¬† ‚ÄúBy establishing a stable base of support, the body naturally comes into alignment with the directional flow of gravity. The deeply purifying process of¬†meditation¬†has no choice but to begin.‚ÄĚ ¬†‚Äď Will Johnson, The Posture of Meditation: A Practical Manual for Meditators of All Traditions Will Johnson‚Äôs book on the postures of meditation‚ÄĒone of our… Read more »

Create Your Meditation Space

To sit still you need at minimum a couple of things: time and space. We recommend you take time for your meditation practice, and also that you think a little about the space. Do you have a dedicated meditation space? A little sanctuary you can retire to when you need it? How about a clear… Read more »

Introducing our New Mini Zafu

When we started Still Sitting 14 years ago, our round zafu was the first cushion we designed. We spent a long time perfecting our zafu construction, choosing fabrics, and finding suppliers that met our needs for the highest quality materials and business practices. Our traditional round zafu has continued to be our most popular item… Read more »

Holiday Gift Guide

Thank you for considering giving the gift of meditation to your loved ones this year.¬†This is a¬†gift that can truly last a lifetime.¬†For a little holiday inspiration, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite¬†gift ideas below.¬†Wishing you a warm and peaceful holiday season. Holiday Gift Guide Our Meditation Starter Set is a great gift for… Read more »

Two New Products: Folding Zabuton & Rinzai Rakusu Kit

We are so excited about our latest new products. They have both been over a year in the making and it is such a joy to see them finally ready¬†and on the¬†website. Our Folding Zabuton The folding zabuton was inspired by the foam zabutons we used in Norway. These were very comfortable and easy to… Read more »

Sitting Tips: Your Meditation Foundation

We thought we’d go back to the basics and share a series of sitting tips. Whether you are completely new to meditation¬†or are an old master, it can be helpful¬†to revisit the¬†foundations of the practice. In order to sit comfortably and deeply in meditation, your posture is ideally¬†relaxed and attentive. Finding a¬† position that works… Read more »

Meditation Cushions: Choosing the Right Zabuton

The zabuton is a¬†Japanese sitting cushion. It’s long been used as a meditation cushion in the Zen tradition, and you’ll see it¬†in many places¬†where mindfulness is practiced. The zabuton is humble yet essential, protecting your knees and ankles from the hard floor. Typically, you place it under your zafu, as such: Traditionally, you’ll form a… Read more »