Temple Gong


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7” diameter
4.75” high
2.5 lbs.

8” diameter
3.25” high

Red lacquered wood handle
Leather-bound striking surface
8.25” long
1″ diameter

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This is a high class gong at a modest price. Our Temple Gong makes a low rich tone when struck, one that continues for a minute or longer before returning to silence. It is crafted in Japan, where the best gongs of this type are made. The gong is made of iron, with a 7” diameter, 4.75” height, and weights 2.5 lbs. It comes complete with a multi-colored cushion and an excellent leather bound striker.”The gong sounds great. Much nicer than the (more expensive) gong that came from ****. The construction has more material (thicker walls) that give it that nice, sharp chime sound when the rim is struck – unlike the flat response of gongs with thinner walls.

I think you have a winner.”

Ray S., Springwater, New York 2010

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