American Inkin Bell

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2.7” Japanese brass bell
Salvaged ipe wood striker
6.7″ black walnut handle
Stands 11” tall with striker placed in handle
4” square burlap pad for bell
Made in the USA



We love our American Inkin bell. Made by Teido Bill Stephens, a monk friend of ours living in Virginia, it is the only American-made inkin bell that we know of. The spun brass bell, salvaged ipe wood striker, and black walnut handle combine in Shaker simplicity, with the striker fitting elegantly into the handle when the bell is at rest. Also included is a burlap resting pad for the bell. The 2.7” bell has a clear, lasting tone. Each inkin is individually hand crafted and unique. (Pictured above with our Zen Clappers and Folding Zabuton.)

An inkin bell is traditionally used to begin and end Zen meditation sittings.

23 reviews for American Inkin Bell

  1. Neal S. (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    Beautiful look, beautiful sound. American design.

  2. Kelly B. (verified owner)

    caBritish Columbia, Canada

    I purchased this inkin because it seemed like a relatively inexpensive product of high quality that was made with care. I found it exactly as it was described and it meets my needs nicely as someone who is jiki for online zanzen. The sound is clean and resonance very good. The design is thoughtful and when held, the inkin feels like it was lovingly handcrafted. Very happy with this purchase.

  3. Ryan (verified owner)

    usNew York, United States

    This bell is so simple and small, and makes a loud, clear sound that rings on and on. Just wonderful!

  4. Baron Symes (verified owner)

    auQueensland, Australia

    Great, just what I wanted and shipped to my address in Australia in good time with no hiccups.

  5. Allison (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

    Beautiful, sustained sound, elegant, over 60 seconds of musical joy

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