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We are really excited about our newest member of the cushion family: The Still Sitting Folding Zabuton. The zabuton acts as the base for your meditation. It defines your meditation space, and cushions your knees. This zabuton is our first foam cushion. It is exceptionally comfortable, while being light, thin and more portable than traditional zabutons. It folds cleanly in half, making it an excellent choice for retreats or for carrying. It is less than 2” high and only about 3.5” high when folded. It is compact and easy to store, even in very small spaces. It is a good choice if you do not yet have a dedicated meditation space.

The Still Sitting Folding Zabuton comes in black and navy, with a sturdy cotton cover.

Product Details

Durable 100% cotton duck shell
100% foam fill
33″ x 33″
1 3/4″ loft, 3 1/4″ when folded
Zipper closure on cover
Weighs only 6 lbs

Sitting Tips

This meditation instruction video will get you started sitting in meditation comfortably and attentively. Please also see our sitting tips page for further detailed instruction

9 reviews for Folding Zabuton

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  1. Not sure about others, but there are times when the biggest impediment to my practice is just getting my butt onto my cushion… because, once there, everything else just takes care of itself.

    But it’s the “getting there” part that can be challenging. And that’s where this folding zabuton has been a game changer. Truly so!

    During the day it’s conveniently folded up, put up, and out of the way. But before going to bed I pull it out, spread it out, and put a zafu and shawl on it… right next to my bed.

    And then… first thing in the AM… it’s… just… (invitingly)… right… there. No more excuses. No more “I’ll get to it later.” Just an inviting presence before I get interrupted with anything else.

    For me, it just works… and it helps me get into a space (and a place) that that allows me to do the work that needs to be done.

    Of course it doesn’t hurt that it’s very well made, feels nice, and the cushioning is more than adequate (I’m 5’10” and 185 lbs). Plus, for me, it (very genuinely) exudes a really nice (and welcoming) vibe. 🙂

  2. Highest possible quality. Great design and so convenient with the ability to fold. Highly recommend

  3. The foam is dense and takes a little getting used too for seiza position. I like that I can fold it up and stow it away from napping pets.

  4. I finally can stop using that quilt as a “zabuton.” I got this because I have limited room in my bedroom, so I can fold this up & put it away when I’m done with my sitting session. It’s also great for short travels so that I don’t have to do my daily meditations on hard wood floors or foreign carpets. The construction seems solid so far. The cushion inside seems like an extra thick carpet pad. I’m a bit worried about how it’ll wear & whether it will keep its firmness. The cover has a zipper so that you can remove & wash it. It picks up dust & animal hair pretty easy but that’s to be expected. My zafu does too. My only concern is cost. I’m happy to pay it, but it does seem a tad pricey. Especially with $19 shipping on top.

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