Custom and Rush Orders

Custom Robes

For custom robe orders please add 20% to our regular price. An example of a custom order would be a robe set made larger or smaller than our standard measurements. With custom robe orders, we will need to speak with you personally to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

Custom Orders

For custom orders please add 30% to our regular price. Examples of custom orders include any of our items made from material that you provide or a cushion made to a specific measurement that is not one that we offer.

Rush Orders

For rush orders please add 30% to our regular price. Get in touch with us about your time constraints, and we will let you know whether we can meet them.

Please call or email us to discuss rush timings, changes you would like to see made, and to confirm the price. We are happy to take custom or rush orders over the phone.

Phone: (206) 463-1997