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The ’12 Days Of Stillness’ Sale

The holiday season is upon us and we are bringing back our “12 Days of Stillness” sale to highlight some of our favorite products. Find a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one this year — at a great discount. Each day from December 1-12, we will offer a discount on a different product.… Read more »

Meditation Gifts: Holiday Shopping Guide 2023

Looking for meaningful gift for a meditator this holiday season? Our holiday shopping guide for 2023 has meditation gifts for everyone, whether you are just getting into meditation practice or have years of experience. This holiday season, do something different: buy a gift that will last a lifetime and inspire action. Take that first step… Read more »

Choosing the Right Samue for You

Form and function come together exceptionally in this Japan-inspired meditation clothing. Here’s how to choose the right samue for you. Originally designed for labor around Zen monasteries, today the samue is a simple, dynamic outfit that can be worn for a variety of occasions, including work, meditation, and relaxation. Still Sitting offers a range of… Read more »

The Health Benefits of Meditation

For thousands of years, practitioners of meditation have experienced its profound, transformative effects. However, until the advent of modern medicine and technology it has been almost impossible to quantify how exactly meditation affects the body and mind. As various forms of meditation migrated to America from the East, an interest blossomed, and so too did… Read more »

Samue: A Dynamic, Traditional Meditation Garment

Every element of the Japanese Zen tradition has been carefully honed over thousands of years to serve a distinct purpose; clothing is no exception.  The most easily identifiable garb in Zen is the simple black monk’s robe, but other forms of clothing have historically played an important role as well. Robes traditionally served as the… Read more »

The Making of a Rakusu

Many weeks in our Vashon Island workshop, Lidunn handcrafts beautiful rakusu. In this case from a few years back, she re-purposed a Japanese obi into a custom rakusu for a customer. A shortened version of Buddha’s robe, the rakusu is a symbolic garment worn by Buddhist practitioners. Its form has evolved over centuries, incorporating elements… Read more »

Samue Clothing

Samue is the traditional clothing worn during daily work by Japanese Buddhist monks. Samu refers to daily work that is done with mindfulness. This can include any work, such as gardening, cleaning or daily chores. Samue Clothing The pieces are typically made from cotton or linen in dark colors, such as brown or navy. The style is… Read more »

Holiday Gift Guide

Thank you for considering giving the gift of meditation to your loved ones this year. This is a gift that can truly last a lifetime. For a little holiday inspiration, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite gift ideas below. Wishing you a warm and peaceful holiday season. Holiday Gift Guide Our Meditation Starter Set is a great gift for… Read more »