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The spun brass bells each have an excellent tone. The small rin bell has a lasting tone, the medium size has a middle tone, and the large bell’s tone is deep and resonant. The Rin Bells are made in Japan, where the best bells of this type are made. It comes with a multicolored cushion and a wooden striker. We have experimented with different strikers and find that wood or metal sounds best on a brass bell. You may choose to purchase this bell with or without handsome red lacquer bell stand.

Small Rin Bell Audio

Medium Rin Bell Audio

Large Rin Bell Audio

Small Medium Large
Bell High quality spun brass
2.7” diameter
1.5” high
High quality spun brass
3.5″ diameter
1.75″ high
High quality spun brass
4.2″ diameter
2″ high
Cushion 3.25” diameter
1.25” high
3.75″ diameter
1.5″ high
5″ diameter
2″ high
Stand Red lacquer
2.8” diameter
1.2” high
Red lacquer
3.5″ diameter
1.5″ high
Red lacquer
4″ diameter
1.75″ high
Striker Rosewood
5.25” long
.5” diameter
5.25” long
.5” diameter
5.25” long
.5” diameter

11 reviews for Rin Bell

  1. Baron Symes (verified owner)

    auQueensland, Australia

  2. Allison (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

    Tone, sound, sustained sound per the size is remarkable

  3. Gabriel (verified owner)

    coBogota D.C., Colombia

    True to the product description, I received very high quality Japanese Rin Bell. I love the sound.

  4. William Stevens (verified owner)

    usMontana, United States

    I’m very pleased with the items I purchased and the serve I received.

  5. Georgia (verified owner)


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