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We believe a lot of people will benefit from this meditation bench design, which we developed in 2006. It provides plenty of stability while freeing up your legs, giving you greater range of movement than the traditional bench. The open design also makes it easier to get in to and out of position.

Each Still Sitting Bench is made on Vashon Island by a local craftsman. We use Red Oak, which has a warm color and lovely grain. Because of the handmade quality of these benches, while the specifications of each bench are exactly the same, the look of each is unique.

We make both a Regular and a Tall Bench. We recommend the Regular bench for people 5’ 7” or below. We recommend the Tall Bench for those 5’ 8” and above.

You may choose a Center Bench with or without a Bench Cushion. The Bench Cushion gives you a nicely cushioned seat, and may help prevent you from sliding forward on your bench.

Product Details

Regular Tall
18” wide x 7.25” deep 18” wide x 7.25” deep
8.25” high at the back 8.75” high at the back
6.25” high at the front 6.75” high at the front
Approx. 3.5 lbs. Approx. 3.5 lbs.

Sitting Tips

This meditation instruction video will get you started sitting in meditation comfortably and attentively. Please also see our sitting tips page for further detailed instruction

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  1. The quality of both the bench and the cushion are outstanding. The tall bench gives my knees freedom in the vertical direction, and the centered posts give my hips freedom in the horizontal direction. It is a bit tricky to get my rear centered so that I balance when I first sit down, but it has become a fun little exercise that reminds me to balance in a figurative sense as I enter into meditation. Once I get physically balanced, then I’m physically stable for a long sit. (Stability of the mind is not so easily achieved! Ha!) My bench weighs about six pounds, which I swing behind me one-handed when I first kneel on the Zabuton. If you cannot manage to lift six pounds one-handed, then you’d have to place the bench on your Zabuton first, then back onto the bench. Overall, the centered bench is an excellent innovation for my particular body.

  2. Bench is sturdy and comfortable

  3. This meditation bench is perfect. It’s sturdy and very well made… love it!!

  4. Beautiful taller meditation bench – really aids sitting with my old, bad, knees.

  5. Excellent build quality – the cushion’s attached with velcro and it’s as secure as you need it to be (the burgundy color is darker than seen on site, but that’s fine). Another great piece of kit from a company I’m happy to support

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