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We’re pleased to offer the unique original Nomad Meditation Bench, a simple bench with a ground-breaking design. This folding meditation bench combines comfort, portability, and flexibility in a way we haven’t seen before. We call it The Nomad, in part, because it’s the perfect bench for travel — it fits in any size suitcase or bag.

Comfortable: It’s hammock-style seat conforms to your body and allows you to sit comfortably for hours at a time.

Portable: This bench is perfect for taking on the road. It folds nearly flat, is very light weight, and packs easily in a backpack or suitcase. We don’t know of a bench that’s easier to bring with you to a meditation retreat, a park or anywhere else you’d like to sit.

Flexible: Unlike most benches, the Nomad allows you to change the height. By simply adjusting the Velcro on your fabric seat you may raise and lower the height for your perfect fit. This is great for sitting longer sitting, when you may wish to adjust the height as the retreat continues. This feature also allows you to easily share the bench with others – they can adjust it to their own height. The measure on the bottom of the bench helps you remember exactly where to set it back to.

Visit our blog to read our post about the Nomad bench.

How to Use the Nomad

The Nomad is a kneeling bench, designed to be used in the kneeling (seiza) position only. To sit on The Nomad, first kneel on the ground, (or on your zabuton or wherever you are), then while holding onto the bench, lower your backside onto the bench with the shorter legs closer to you, so the bench tilts down in the front. See the video below for a demonstration.

Nomad 1 & Nomad 2

We offer two sizes of Nomad – Nomad 1 and Nomad 2. The Nomad 1 is smaller and a little more portable. The Nomad 2 is larger and allows you to sit higher if you’d like. The Nomad 1 sitting height adjusts from approximately 5” to 9.5”. The Nomad 2 adjusts from approximately 6” to 11”.

We designed the Nomad 2 for those who prefer a higher seat because of knee comfort or leg length. It also folds out wider for a more roomy seat.

You’ll probably want a Nomad 1 if:

You prefer a slightly lighter and smaller bench to travel with.
You are small to medium height and build.
You are any height and your knees are fairly flexible.

You’ll probably want a Nomad 2 if:

You are medium to large height and build.
You are any height and have knees that are not-so-flexible.

More About the Designer

Asmund Skard - Nomad Bench Designer

Åsmund Skard became an architect in 1965 and in 1968 he co-founded the well-known architectural firm 4B Arkitekter. He’s been meditating since 1977. After designing multiple types of meditation bench, he developed the Nomad in 2003 according to his criteria for making the perfect bench: natural, stable, adjustable, lightweight, portable, and economical.


Product Details

Nomad 1

When Open When Folded
Highest Setting 9.5” high 16.5” long x 6.25” wide x 1.5” high
Lowest Settting – 5” high Weighs 1lb.9oz.

Nomad 2

When Open When Folded
Highest Setting 11” high 18.5” long x 7” wide x 1.5” high
Lowest Settting – 6” high Weighs 2lb.1oz.

Sitting Tips

This meditation instruction video will get you started sitting in meditation comfortably and attentively. Please also see our sitting tips page for further detailed instruction

3 reviews for Nomad Bench

  1. David Markun

    I first tried Nomad during an 8-hour intensive in April of 2019. For that event, Nomad was light, compact, and easy to deploy quietly when making my switches of position. Nomad then became my seat for all my meditations at home. I really think of it as a hammock rather than a bench. On my benches, which are now gathering dust, I sit on a board or a padded board, and hotspots of pressure on my tissues develop. On this Nomad hammock, the fabric spreads the force out uniformly and no hotspots develop.

  2. Gabor Kerekes

    I love this bench. I was using a chair before and I feel like my meditation practice has benefited a lot from starting to use this bench. I also used it during a retreat recently and the portability of it is just really awesome. Thanks a lot!

  3. Chris McLaughlin

    I’ve been using the Nomad 2 bench for several months, and I’m thrilled with the design, quality of the build, and comfort. I’m 6’2″ & 240 lbs and have difficulty sitting seiza for any extended period of time with traditional meditation benches or zafus. With the Nomad bench, I can sit comfortably for as long as I’d like and can transition from sitting to standing and walking without discomfort or numbed legs. Also, the bench is very lightweight and portable – perfect for group zazen.

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