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What is a mudra?

Every detail of your meditation posture is intentional: from your knees, ankles and spine, to your chin, shoulders, and hands. When sitting correctly, your body should fall into a natural alignment, but what do you do with your hands? They shouldn’t just sit there, fidgeting. Instead, most meditation traditions suggest you adopt a  hand gesture,… Read more »

Beginner meditation poses

What comes to mind when you think of meditation? Perhaps someone with their legs twisted up like a pretzel? Don’t worry, meditation does not have to be, nor is it intended to be uncomfortable: it is about you and your body. The good news is that there are different positions you can use to suit… Read more »

How to Start Meditating in the New Year

As we enter 2024, turning the page on another year, many will set resolutions for personal growth and well-being. Meditation can help with these goals, so here is no better time to begin your journey. Whether you’re interested in helping with stress, pursuing some mental clarity, or just looking for a bit of calm, meditation is… Read more »

Meditation in Winter: Embrace the Cold

As the winter arrives with gusts, sleet, and flurries, greet it as a fresh opportunity to engage with your practice. Meditation often forces us to grapple with our discomfort, both mental and physical. The cold does the same — but it takes a conscious effort to appreciate. Winter meditation gives you the opportunity to push… Read more »

Choosing the Right Meditation Bench

A meditation bench can greatly enhance your practice by providing support and comfort that differs from traditional meditation cushions. They can make sitting more accessible, especially for those with flexibility and joint issues. Unlike using a zafu, a meditation bench allows you to sit in a kneeling position, taking some pressure off the knees and… Read more »

Meditation for Sleep: Exploring the Benefits

Meditation for sleep is a powerful antidote to the hectic, fast-paced lives that many of us live. Here at Still Sitting, we encourage you to start building a regular meditation practice for this very reason. But finding the right time to start your meditation practice can be difficult. So, why not try during one of… Read more »

The Health Benefits of Meditation

For thousands of years, practitioners of meditation have experienced its profound, transformative effects. However, until the advent of modern medicine and technology it has been almost impossible to quantify how exactly meditation affects the body and mind. As various forms of meditation migrated to America from the East, an interest blossomed, and so too did… Read more »

Samue: A Dynamic, Traditional Meditation Garment

Every element of the Japanese Zen tradition has been carefully honed over thousands of years to serve a distinct purpose; clothing is no exception.  The most easily identifiable garb in Zen is the simple black monk’s robe, but other forms of clothing have historically played an important role as well. Robes traditionally served as the… Read more »

Our Locally Handcrafted Meditation Benches

Mike Nauman-Montana is a lifelong artist and tinkerer. He has always loved making things with his hands and for the past twenty years he has put his focus on wood. He now runs a busy custom cabinet and woodworking business on Vashon Island called Salmon Bay Woodworks. Much of his work today is building and… Read more »

Thoughts from Still Sitting During this Crisis

We are Here for You We are here for you at Still Sitting. We are committed to safely continuing to support our customers with meditation supplies. But the truth is you don’t really need new meditation cushions right now. We believe that everyone already has what they need to face our new uncertain reality. Uncertainty,… Read more »