Mahogany Bowl Oryoki Set

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  • Bowls are made from beautiful mahogany wood.
  • Utensils are palm wood and cloths are 100% cotton.
  • Utensils include chopsticks, spoon, and setsu stick.
  • Traditional setsu instructions and two pieces of cloth for use with setsu are included.
  • The Large bowl is 5″ diameter, 3″ high, and holds 16 oz.
  • The Medium bowl – 4.5 diameter, 2.5” high, and holds 12 oz.
  • The Small bowl – 4″ diameter, 2″ high, and holds 8 oz.
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We think this beautiful mahogany bowl oryoki set is perfect for oryoki. The wood nesting bowls are light, sturdy, well-balanced, and feel great in your hand.

Included in the Oryoki Bowl Set are 3 nesting bowls, a 3-piece utensil set, and a 4-piece set of cloths.

The utensils include a spoon, chopsticks, and traditional setsu scraper.  The spoon and setsu are palmwood, made in Thailand; and the chopsticks are ironwood, and made in Japan.  Instructions for traditional setsu assembly and two squares of cloth are included. A spatula with a dishwasher safe silicone tip and birch wood handle can be added for $6 by choosing this option.

The cloths include a wrapping cloth, wiping cloth, utensil sleeve, and top cloth. They are 100% cotton and come in black, navy blue, white, grey, or burgundy.

Oryoki literally means a “vessel that contains just enough,” and refers to the eating form that evolved in Buddhist monasteries that encourages monks and nuns to eat mindfully and just enough to keep one’s practice strong. An Oryoki Set a set of bowls that nest, along with the accompanying utensils and clothes.

The Mahogany wood we use is sourced from a state owned forest in Indonesia. The forest management organization that controls it is responsible for all the activities, from establishment of plantations, maintenance, environmental protection, harvesting, and product processing. It’s philosophy is to maximize beneficial utilization of the forest resources in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, which also benefits the inhabitants and neighboring communities.

Choose from black, navy blue, white, grey or burgundy 100% cotton cloths.

Bowls and wooden utensils should be hand washed.
Cloths are machine washable.

Small Bowl: 4” diameter, 2” high, 8oz. capacity
Medium Bowl: 4.5” diameter, 2.5” high, 12 oz. capacity
Large Bowl: 5” diameter, 3” high, 16 oz. capacity



Utensil Sleeve:  11″x3″

Ironwood Chopsticks:  9″
Spatula:  8″

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  1. Beautiful yet simple with excellent craftmanship

  2. Bowls are look good but are hard to grab hold of when opening set during Oriyoki practice. Oriyoki cloths especially the place mat/outer wrapping cloth, are small, and would be better if made of cotton (I guess I just naturally assumed they were made of cotton). Utensils are not particularly well made. Overall, not worth the rather expensive sales price.

    • Hi David, I’m sorry you were not pleased with our oryoki set. We appreciate you taking the time to offer your feedback. We will take this into account, as we are in the process of finding better chopsticks. Also, we do offer returns, so please feel free to return if it is unused. Please note that our cloths are indeed 100% cotton. They are quite a smooth cotton that softens once washed a few times. Many Thanks ~ Still Sitting

      • Update 6/30/22: The chopsticks included with all of our Oryoki Bowl Sets have been upgraded to beautiful Japanese Ironwood.

  3. A beautiful set! Feels good in the hand, beautifully crafted, simple design, and no plastic! Well worth the money because this set will last a lifetime and then some.

  4. I love the service! Our kits are beautiful and they arrived ahead of schedule. 🙂

  5. Beautiful, the only issue I have is that the spatula pictured isn’t what was sent, and while they provided instructions, to create something similar, it wasn’t what was pictured and what I made my decision on. The bowls and utensils are otherwise exactly what I wanted.

    • Thank you for your comment and for reaching out Valerie. We apologize – the photos featured our previous spatula style. We’ve now updated all the photos to show the current spatula. Thanks again! SS

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