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5 Simple Breathing Exercises for Relaxation

Meditation is a pretty simple idea: sit down, breathe, and try not to get too distracted. If you can manage that, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself beginning to relax. Your body and mind will slow down. But that breathing part isn’t always as easy as it seems, so here are 5 simple breathing… Read more »

Meditation in Winter: Embrace the Cold

As the winter arrives with gusts, sleet, and flurries, greet it as a fresh opportunity to engage with your practice. Meditation often forces us to grapple with our discomfort, both mental and physical. The cold does the same — but it takes a conscious effort to appreciate. Winter meditation gives you the opportunity to push… Read more »

A Mindfulness Guide for Holiday Stress

It’s that time of year again, so before things get too hectic, take a moment and slow down. Our mindfulness guide for holiday stress will give you some quick and easy tips to help you survive the madness. The bustling holiday season is upon us, a time for connecting, giving gifts, sharing food, and spreading… Read more »

Oryoki and Mindful Eating

As we navigate our daily routines, it’s easy to fall into the trap of rushed meals and distracted bites. The simple act of eating itself can be neglected. In a world of fast food, meal delivery, and hurried lunch breaks, attentiveness at meal time can feel impossible. This is where the ancient practice of Oryoki… Read more »

Meditation for Sleep: Exploring the Benefits

Meditation for sleep is a powerful antidote to the hectic, fast-paced lives that many of us live. Here at Still Sitting, we encourage you to start building a regular meditation practice for this very reason. But finding the right time to start your meditation practice can be difficult. So, why not try during one of… Read more »