Two New Products: Folding Zabuton & Rinzai Rakusu Kit

Carrying folding blue zabuton meditation cushion, foam meditation mat

We are so excited about our latest new products. They have both been over a year in the making and it is such a joy to see them finally ready and on the website.

Our Folding Zabuton

The folding zabuton was inspired by the foam zabutons we used in Norway. These were very comfortable and easy to store. We then looked into how to make them even easier to carry and store and our folding zabuton was born. This is our first foam cushion and folds neatly in half. It is easily stored and even easier to carry around. This zabuton is intended to go with you on retreat or to create a spontaneous meditation space anywhere. We also find it to be very comfortable for such a thin cushion.

img_9551-copy Rinzai Rakusu Kit

Our other new product is a response to requests we’ve gotten over the years. One of our popular custom items is the rakusu. A rakusu is a small version of the Buddha’s original robe. In some Buddhist traditions, it is customary to sew your own rakusu. This can be a daunting task without proper instruction and assistance. Our expert rakusu maker and seamstress has created and perfected a complete kit. It comes with a thorough instruction booklet that includes diagrams and step by step instructions, as well as all the fabric pieces already cut out. It even comes with over the phone support, should you have any questions along the way. Rakusu Kit

Making a rakusu is no simple task and it is our hope that this kit will allow more people to make their own. We invite you to visit our virtual workshop to see how Lidunn creates rakusus.

In the next month we will announce another new product: Black samue jackets and pants!

2 comments on “Two New Products: Folding Zabuton & Rinzai Rakusu Kit

  1. Susan McCraw on

    I’m a Soto practitioner searching for a kit similar to the one pictured on your website under the heading “rinzai rakusu kit.” I would like to make my own rakusu of black fabric. Can you tell me the price of your kit, and whether you could supply a kit modified to follow Soto style?

    • Still Sitting on

      Hello, We are working on a Soto Rakusu kit, but right now only have the Rinzai one. This one is $119 and comes with all the fabric precut and a very detailed instruction booklet. I’m sorry we do not have a soto kit available for you yet. I do think that some larger centers have some available assistance for those who are sewing their own kits. Best of luck, Sarah


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