Samue Clothing


Samue is the traditional clothing worn during daily work by Japanese Buddhist monks. Samu refers to daily work that is done with mindfulness. This can include any work, such as gardening, cleaning or daily chores.
Samue Clothing
The pieces are typically made from cotton or linen in dark colors, such as brown or navy. The style is unisex with a kimono style jacket and loose fitting pants often with elastic or ties at the waist and ankles. Often there are large pockets in the jackets which can be used for small tools or other useful items.
Over the years, samue have
remained much the same, but many have adopted this style of clothing for use well beyond the Buddhist temple. Samue Pants Chickens
Samue clothing have long been worn as home-wear in Japan and elsewhere. Still as useful for daily work, today samue are also frequently worn as meditation clothing,  during meditation retreats or whenever comfort is a priority. Lately we’ve been hearing from more customers who are looking for samue jackets and pants. meditation samue Nothing beats the comfort of loose fitting clothing, especially if you will be sitting for some time.
Still Sitting Samue Clothing
We recently added to our lighter weight cotton samue jackets and pants by also offering the set in medium weight jackets and pants. These are perfect for summer or warmer climates; anytime a lighter or medium weight is preferable.
We love hearing from customers about how they are using samue clothing in their meditation practice or daily work. Please share about your experience with samue clothing.

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