Ten Most Popular Holiday Gifts

Finding the right gift for the meditation enthusiast in your life can be hard. To make your holiday shopping easy, we’ve put together this handy list of our most popular items — based on our comprehensive December 2021 sales data. Still Sitting brings you the most high-quality, handcrafted meditation supplies. So, whether you are shopping for someone new to meditation, or an experienced sitter, you’ll find what you are looking for. Happy Holidays and happy sitting!

10. Support Cushions

small meditation cushion for support in meditation space in floral design

Give the meditator in your life some support, with Still Sittings handcrafted support cushions. Our 14” X 14” cushions are dynamic and helpful for improving posture and discomfort while sitting. Use them to adjust the height of your zafu or fold them to aid knees and other pain points. Our cushions are the perfect aid for meditation, and they come in a beautiful array of colors and patterns.

9. Kuan Yin Statue


Kuan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion in the Buddhist canon, is an elegant addition to any space for prayer, reflection, and meditation. Kuan Yin is revered in Buddhism for her mercy: forfeiting a place in paradise in order to aid the suffering of humanity. Still sitting offers many more Kuan Yin statues than ever before, in a variety of styles and sizes.

8. Oryoki Sets

These traditional bowl sets put meditation into action, and help to bring attention to the act of eating. Oryoki means “just enough” and refers both to a simple and efficient form of eating, as well as the taking of enough food to keep one’s practice strong. Still Sitting offers two beautiful varieties using melamine and mahogany. Both sets include durable utensils crafted from palm wood and cloths in a variety of colors.

7. Inkin Bell

close-up inkin bell

Our inkin bells are made in the USA by Teido Bill Stephens, a Zen monk, craftsman, and friend of ours here at Still Sitting. They are the only USA-made inkin bell that we know of, and we’ve sold hundreds of them over the years. The 2.7” bell is constructed using spun brass and black walnut. The clear lasting tone of this bell will call you gently back to your breath.

6. Rin Bell

Rin bell trio and striker

These spun-brass, bowl-shaped bells are available in three different sizes, all of which produce different tones and resonance. The small rin bell is our most popular seller during the holidays. Use one by itself or all three together to create meditative harmonies. These bells come with a multicolored cushion, a wooden striker, and an optional stand.

5. Regular Zabuton

Seated position on zabuton with zafu and support cushion, floral cushion, samue jacket

Our handcrafted zabutons are a dead giveaway under the tree due to their size. Zabutons are the literal base for your meditation. As such, we make them both comfortable and durable, using high-quality cotton and filling material. We have a beautiful selection of colors and patterns as well, so if you’ve been thinking about that “Desert Lotus” zabuton for yourself, this is the time!

4. Kyoto Collection Zafu

Experience comfort and a delightful Japanese aesthetic with Still Sitting’s Kyoto Collection zafu. The Kyoto Collection is our newest product line, introduced in 2021, and has been tremendously popular since its launch. These zafus feature all the durability and craftsmanship of our traditional zafus, but feature a selection of elegant Japanese fabrics in patterns like “Japanese Maple” and “Midnight Surf.”

3. Samue Jacket and Pants

Our samue jacket and pants have risen through the ranks, becoming more popular year over year. This traditional work clothing of Japanese Zen monks is a simple but dynamic outfit, consisting of a long-sleeve cotton jacket top with cotton trousers. Today the samue is also a preferred garment for meditation practice or relaxing around the house. As always, our samue jacket and pants are handcrafted right here in Seattle.

2. Nomad Bench

Nomad folding meditation bench on black zabuton in living room

With our own unique Norwegian design, this Still Sitting original is a collapsable meditation seat that will travel wherever you want to go! The Nomad Bench is comfortable, portable, and flexible. Using a hammock seat design that easily adjusts to your height, the nomad allows the user to comfortably sit in a kneeling position (seiza). When you’re done, just fold it flat and put it away…or under the tree.

1. Round Zafu

Person Holding Bali Blue round zafu meditation cushion

There’s a reason this is our top seller: it’s the very first item we ever sold when we founded Still Sitting twenty years ago. We set out to handcraft a zafu that looks good, feels good, and holds up to the test of time. We think we’ve done that with our zafu — and after twenty years, these are the zafus that we all use personally. So, whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned vet, do something great for yourself this holiday season and get yourself the best zafu out there.

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