Sitting Up Straight

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We feel that it’s well worth paying attention to your posture during meditation. Meditation is more than just a mind exercise; it’s a mind-body exercise. Once you have a strong foundation, the next step is to sit up straight. Sitting up straight and relaxed allows your body to open to the world around it. Sitting up straight also helps you breathe deeply, which allows you to relax. Regularly opening like this can help us all move more fluidly through life.

Tips for Sitting up Straight

To sit up straight, sit on the front half of your zafu or cushion. This will help tilt your pelvis forward, allowing your torso to be straight and strong. There are two methods we often use to help maintain a straight, yet relaxed sitting posture. These could be called the String Method and the Sternum Method.

The String Method

With the String Method, imagine a string coming from the top of your head, pulling you straight up as you sit. With this imaginary string holding you up, you can then let the rest of your body relax. Check in with your body and consciously relax each part, especially the shoulders. Many of us have a tendency to hold tension in our shoulders. Try to let your belly, your back and your shoulders all relax.

The Sternum Method

The Sternum Method is another way to work towards a relaxed and straight sitting posture. To do this, start by breathing in and out naturally, and noticing how your rib cage rises and falls with your breath. You will notice that on the in-breaths, your sternum (the front and center of your rib cage) is slightly raised. Keep your chest in this same place as you exhale so that your sternum and chest remain slightly raised and energized. This will allow your shoulders, back, and belly to relax since your chest is carrying the load.

Relaxed Shoulders

Many of us have a tendency to pull ourselves up by the shoulders. This leads to a rigid posture and sore neck and shoulders. If you hold yourself up with your string or sternum, your shoulders can relax. If your shoulders get stiff, one trick is to pull them way up, level to your ears, hold them there for a few seconds, then let them drop naturally down around a strong sternum.
When sitting, your head should be relatively straight. Not tipped forward. The whole posture should feel open, and having your head straight helps you feel open rather than closed.
You may find our “How to Meditate” video helpful with this. Also see this post about setting up your meditation foundation.
As always, we love hearing how your sitting is going. Feel free to use the comments below to be in touch.

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