Introducing our New Mini Zafu

Mini Zafu buckwheat meditation cushion stack in mediation setting

When we started Still Sitting 14 years ago, our round zafu was the first cushion we designed. We spent a long time perfecting our zafu construction, choosing fabrics, and finding suppliers that met our needs for the highest quality materials and business practices.
Our traditional round zafu has continued to be our most popular item over the years. We later added our Travel Zafu and our Junior Zafu. The Junior Zafu is a small version of our traditional round zafu, perfect for younger kids. Our Travel Zafu is a favorite because it takes up very little space in a suitcase or backpack. The filler is a beach ball, which requires only blowing up to be ready for use.
Lately we had begun imagining a new, smaller zafu: one that could be easily thrown in a backpack or bag and used on the go.

Meet our New Mini Zafu

This is our smallest, most portable zafu yet. It is under 3 lbs and is exactly the zafu we envisioned, perfect for throwing in your bag and sitting anywhere. We love the rectangular shape, which gives it a modern look, and also makes it easy to store, or stack.
We tested several sizes and designs before we settled on  14″ x 9″ and about 4″ high. We found this to be an ideal sitting size. We were looking for a size that provided enough room to sit, while still maintaining the small size for portability.
Like our others, this zafu is very versatile. It works well in the flat position and on it’s side. For those who prefer a little higher sit, on the side might be perfect.
Still Sitting is pleased to offer our Mini Zafu in time for Spring in both standard and deluxe options. We think it is a great option for sitting outside as the weather starts to get warmer. So far, the customer feedback has been fantastic. We’d love to know what you think and where you might take this mini zafu.

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