Two Piece Meditation Cushion Sets
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The Still Sitting Cushion Set will set your meditation space up right at a great price. A 2 Piece Set gives you a bare-bones Zabuton and Zafu, enough to get started with a meditation practice at a bargain price.

  1. Choose a Zafu. For that you’ll pick a color, fill, and shape.
  2. Choose a Zabuton – They come in 3 sizes and 2 thicknesses
  3. With all three cushions you may choose our Standard (non-removable cover) or Deluxe (removable cover) style.

Now you’re done. The rest is up to us – we’ll assemble and ship your set in 2-4 business days.

Tips for choosing a Zabuton and Zafu

If you’d like, you may add an extra Removable Cover of the same or a different color.

All Still Sitting meditation cushions, benches and Buddhist robes are made in our Vashon Island workshop and in Seattle, Washington.

  • ZAFU

    Round ZafusChoose either a round or crescent shaped Zafu. All our Zafus are made of 100% cotton duck fabric, double stitched with heavy duty thread for extra strength, and come with a convenient carrying handle.

    Our Zafus come in either Standard (non-removable cover) or Deluxe Style (removable cover). Each Deluxe Zafu cover is machine washable with the exception of the Pattern Zafu (Flower Damask) which we recommend hand-washing or dry cleaning.

    Our round "Classic" Zafu is our most popular meditation cushion. We stuff it with kapok or buckwheat. We stuff our kapok zafu tight so that it is soft but firm to sit on, and stuff our buckwheat zafu looser to allow it to mold to your body. Our Classic Zafu stuffed with kapok weights about 2.5 lbs. and is approx. 14" in diameter and 8.5" high. Our Classic Zafu stuffed with buckwheat weights about 5.5 lbs. and is approx. 16" in diameter and 6" high.

    Crescent ZafusOur Crescent Zafu cradles you, and gives your legs support on their way down to your zabuton. Our specially tapered design means the zafu follows your leg-line right down to the floor. In our Crescent Zafu, both kapok and buckwheat are filled tight. Our Crescent Zafu stuffed with kapok weights about 2 lbs., and stuffed with buckwheat it weights about 5 lbs. It is approx. 20" across, and 7" high. Our Crescent Zafu comes in Black, Slate Blue, Burgundy, and Forest Green.

    All of our Zafus – whether round or crescent shaped, buckwheat or kapok - have an opening that allows you to adjust the fill to your preference.

    Unlike some cushions you'll find, all Still Sitting meditation cushions, benches and Buddhist robes are made right here in the USA -- in our Vashon Island workshop and in Seattle, Washington.


    Thin ZabutonThe zabuton acts as the base for your meditation. It defines your meditation space, and cushions your knees. We at Still Sitting like the traditional square zabuton because we find that many people need the front-to-back room that a square zabuton provides.

    Our Zabutons come in either Standard (non-removable cover) or Deluxe Style (removable cover). The Deluxe Zabuton is machine washable.

    We make three sizes and two thicknesses. Our Small size is 30” x 30” – fine for smaller folks sitting cross-legged and anyone sitting on a meditation bench. Our Medium is 33” x 33” and is our most popular size, perfect for most folks. Our Large size is 36” x 36” and gives enough room for long legs (typically 6’ 2” or taller). You can only choose small or medium zabutons with our Cushion Set. To buy a Large Zabuton you must buy your cushions ala carte.

    Our Slim Zabuton has two inches of loft, weighs about 4 – 7 lbs. depending on size, and is happy to be hauled around.

    Our Thick Zabuton is big and comfy, it weighs about 7 – 10 lbs. depending on size, and is stuffed with four inches of 100% cotton batting.

Sitting Tips

This meditation instruction video will get you started sitting in meditation comfortably and attentively. Please also see our sitting tips page for further detailed instruction

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