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This Red Meditation Cushion Set is a delightful choice. This bright meditation set is all you need to start a meditation practice and create a dedicated meditation space in your home.

All cushions are made from 100% cotton duck fabric, double stitched with heavy duty thread for extra strength and all zafus come with a carrying handle.

All of our cushions are sewn and stuffed in the Pacific Northwest, either in Seattle or at our Vashon Island Workshop.

For our meditation sets, you have a few choices:

Zafu Fill

We stuff our zafus with either kapok or buckwheat. Our kapok zafu is soft but firm to sit on, and the buckwheat zafu is a bit looser to allow it to mold to your body. All of our zafus have an opening that allows you to adjust the fill to your preference.

Our round kapok zafu weighs about 2.5 lbs. and is approx. 14″ in diameter and 8.5″ high. Our round buckwheat weighs about 5.5 lbs. and is approx. 16″ in diameter and 6″ high.

Our crescent zafu stuffed with kapok weighs about 2 lbs., and stuffed with buckwheat it weighs about 5 lbs. It is approx. 20″ across, and 7″ high.

Take a look at this blog post for more information on how to choose a zafu.

Zabuton Size

The zabuton acts as the base for your meditation. It defines your meditation space, and cushions your knees. We have three sizes for you to choose from for your meditation set: small (30” x 30” x 3”), medium (33” x 33” 3”) and large (36” x 33” x 3”).  Our medium works well for most people. The large is good if you are quite tall and need some extra leg room (6’2” or taller).

Our regular zabuton has three inches of loft, weighs about 4 – 7 lbs. depending on size, and is happy to be hauled around. To see our individual zabutons, including our folding zabuton or our  extra thick zabuton look here.

Standard vs. Deluxe Cushions

Our cushion sets come in either Standard (non-removable cover) or Deluxe Style (removable cover). Deluxe covers are machine washable. Standard cushions can be spot cleaned as needed. See more about caring for your cushions here.

Enjoy your new Cushion Set!

For even more cushion choices, take a look at our other meditation cushion pages, where every cushion is available individually.

3 reviews for Red Meditation Set

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  1. Makes my practice very comfortable 🙏

  2. What can you say about a zafu? They are pretty simple, and the designs don’t vary much amongst manufacturers. But as I discovered, two peculiarities of the Still Sitting design make me regret buying one of theirs.

    Like most zafus, the Still Sitting “red meditation set” is pleated at the sides and has an opening for taking out (or inserting) kapok. And here is where the problems begin:

    Firstly, the zafu is overstuffed with kapok. Fine, that allows you to pull out any amount that you deem necessary in order to get the zafu to the appropriate firmness. But the handle is, peculiarly, sewn tightly to the side of the zafu; there is virtually no room to insert your fingers in such a way as to pull the handle away from the zafu while you are struggling to somehow pull some kapok out.

    Fixing this would be easy: sew in the handle such that it isn’t tight against the zafu. It could bow out by an inch or so, leaving plenty of room to get your hand in.

    But there is a second problem: why sew the handle so that it covers the opening to begin with? That makes no sense. You have to pull the handle away with considerable force in order to expose the opening, and then somehow begin pulling out the kapok. It’s crazy – the handle should be moved, let’s say, 90 or 180 degrees away from the opening. Which, for some reason, is zippered. One more irritation. (My first zafu, many years ago, simply had a non-zippered opening, which meant I could insert my hand in and grab some kapok easily.)

    All the above designed-in issues meant that I spent a good deal of time swearing for about an hour. (I’d attach a photo, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that.)

    Also be aware that the fabric isn’t exactly smooth. It has an almost Cordura-like texture. I’d prefer something smoother, but I suppose that it doesn’t matter as long as you are not naked while doing zazen.

    • Thank you for your review of our red zafu. We appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback and we regret that you were not happy with the zafu. We completely understand your experience, as it is quite rare for us to use a zippered zafu for our kapok zafus. In your case and on rare occasions we use a zippered zafu when we do not have any other stock on hand. Our cushion covers are sewn in Seattle, but it can take some time to receive a new supply and our red fabrics in particular are inconsistent in color and often do not match. Please note that our kapok zafus typically do not have zippers and have an opening that is not covered by the carrying handle. We do allow returns if your zafu is in good condition. Warmest Regards. Still Sitting.

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