Meditation Cushion Sets

The Still Sitting Cushion Set gets you set up with a nice set of meditation cushions - or a bench - at a great price. Our 3-piece Set sets you up with a complete collection of cushions – Zabuton, Support Cushion, and Zafu. A 2-piece Set gives you a bare-bones Zabuton and Zafu. Our Tibetan Seat Set gives you a good price for those of you who prefer to sit on our comfy Tibetan Seat. Our Bench Set gives you a lovely kneeling bench and the zabuton of your choice. Either way, purchasing a set saves you money over buying the items individually.

When buying a cushion set we give you more choice than any place we know. You choose from 15 colors and 6 sizes of zabutons; 15 colors of support cushions; and 18 colors, 2 shapes and 2 fills for the zafus. Finally, you may choose either Standard (non-removable cover) or Deluxe (removable cover) for any of the cushions.

All Still Sitting meditation cushions, benches and Buddhist robes are made in our Vashon Island workshop and in Seattle, Washington.

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