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Silk Brocade: Silk brocade is our finest material. All three colors we offer are handsomely patterned with a dragon motif, elegant to the eye and fine to the touch. The backing is also silk.

Silk: We make our 100% silk rakusu from 4-ply Silk Crepe, a medium weight silk that has a crepe finish with a good deal of luster. It is a very fine traditional-looking silk rakusu. The backing is silk.

Linen: Our 100% Antwerp Linen Rakusu gives you the beautiful look of linen. The highest quality linen is made in Europe, as ours is. As all true linen, it is made from flax fibers, and is quite possibly the world’s oldest textile.

Poly-Cotton Twill: This is our sturdiest rakusu, made to last a full time monastic a couple of decades. 65% polyester, 35% cotton.

Approx. 11”x14”

Silk Brocade Soto Rakusu


Silk Soto Rakusu


Linen Soto Rakusu


Poly / Cotton Soto Rakusu


Ring Only



The Still Sitting Soto Rakusu is a classic Soto rakusu. It comes in brocade, black, brown, or navy blue each with a light colored backing suitable for calligraphy. The Soto Rakusu has a 1.5” border around a light colored backing, unlike the Rinzai Rakusu, which does not.

Each is handmade from your choice of four materials: Brocade Silk, Silk, Linen or Poly/Cotton Twill. You can compare the textures of the different fabrics in the detail.

You may also choose from the three different rakusu rings. We have the customary hard plastic rings imported from Japan, as well as two made here on Vashon island by local fine woodworker Danny Newcome – one a light Ash wood, the other a dark Black Walnut. The Rinzai Ring has approx. 2 ¾ diameter. The Soto Ring has approx. 2 3/8 diameter.

This item is intended only for Buddhist clergy and precept-holders. When ordering we ask that you provide the name of your Buddhist lineage and teacher. Thanks!

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