Daily Incense Rolls

Incense Rolls


Our Daily Incense Rolls come in rolls of 30 sticks, 9 inches long. Each roll is boxed in an attractive box that protects from breakage and makes for easy storage. Each stick burns for approximately 50 minutes. As with all our incense, our Daily Rolls are made with no central stick – the whole incense stick burns without the smoke generated by a central stick. They may be used in either a bowl with sand, or one of our attractive holders.

If you need help deciding, we offer a Sample Pack of our daily incense fragrances – one of each that we offer.

Eternal Treasure

Hoyei-koh Incense

Light, fresh with hints of pine.


Great Origin

Daigen-koh Incense

Earthy sandalwood & clove.


Kyoto Autumn Leaves

Kyo-nishiki Incense

Warm, evoking fall leaves.


Moss Garden

Nokiba Incense

Rich, earthy, with a hint of green. Almost mossy.


Golden Pavilion

Kin-kaku Incense

Robust with generous overtones of cinnamon and clove.


Kyoto Cherry Blossom

Kyo-zakura Incense

Sweet and fragrant – like a spring blossom.


Five Hills

Gozan Incense

Delicate blend of sandlewoods, with mild clove.


White Cloud

Haku-un Incense

The top of our incense line. Sandalwood mixed with aloeswood. The Kyara Aloeswood used is more expensive per ounce than gold. A warm, full, earthy fragrance.


Sample Pack


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