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Still Sitting offers low smoke incense. They are perfect for those with allergies or who are sensitive to incense smoke. Each stick has a special blend of ingredients that reduces the smoke by about 70%  compared to most other incense. The finest natural ingredients are used to give you the pleasant scent of incense with less of the physical smoke.

We offer 4 specially crafted fragrances in our low smoke incense:

Gossamer (Kasumi): Fine sandalwood and carefully selected herbs create a soft and warm scent.

Illusions (Oboro): Sandalwood, camphor and select herbs create a cool, subtle fragrance.

Silhouette (Honoka): Sandalwood, frankincense, and fine herbs give this a light, comforting atmosphere.

Chiffon (Madoka): Gentle floral hints and earthy tones create an airy, light fragrance.

6 reviews for Low Smoke Incense NEW!

  1. Wanda M. (verified owner)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    These are really nice. Not over bearing.

  2. Evan (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    I can’t use the smoky incense with wooden sticks, but I can burn small amounts of this without it bothering my allergies too much. The quality seems very good and I like the scent. Earthy, woody, and slightly sweet.

  3. Valerie (verified owner)

    usOregon, United States

  4. Jason L. (verified owner)

  5. George (verified owner)

    usWashington, United States

    Nice compliment to any sitting practice. Substantially less smoke emitted, nice aroma that doesn’t overpower the meditation space.

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