Jujube Wood with Bodhidharma Mala NEW!


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  • Beautiful Jujube Wood
  • Special bead with Bodhidharma etching and prayer
  • Hand Strung on stretchy strand
  • 8mm beads
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Our Jujube Wood with Bodhidharma mala has a special large bead with a prayer on one side and an engraving of Bodhidharma on the other.

Bodhidharma is the Buddhist Monk who is believed to have brought Buddhism from India to China. He is considered the founder of Zen Buddhism in China, which eventually spread to Korea & Japan.

The prayer on the backside means, ‘Where you place your will, there you will achieve.”

Jujube wood has a long history of use in spiritual traditions, including commonly for the making of rosaries in the Catholic tradition.


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