Ceremonial Whites

Ceremonial Whites


These white robes are meant to go under the Summer Koromo, or an Osho’s ceremonial robes, during a ceremony. They come in two (2) pieces, a kimono and a hakama.

The kimono has long flowing sleeves and is made of a light cotton/poly. These robes can be purchased as a full set or as single items.

The hakama is made from heavier cotton/poly fabric and is patterned after the lay robe hakama, though the traditional ties are on the side rather than the back.

Allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

This item is intended only for Buddhist clergy and precept-holders. When ordering we ask that you provide the name of your Buddhist lineage and teacher. Thanks!

We also offer custom sized robes, if you do not see your size here.

Full Ceremonial Under Robes


White Hakama



White Kimono



Measuring Instructions

Arm Measurement
Start at the back of your neck, at the spine. Extend your arm, slightly bent. Measure down the outside of your arm to the ball of your wrist. Men, this is the measurement you use for dress shirts.

Waist Measurement
This is the measurement you usually use for trousers. Measure around your waist where you normally wear a belt.

Waist to Ankle
Begin your measurement from the top of where you wear your belt. Measure down the outside of your leg to the outside of your ankle -- to the ball of your ankle.

Neck to Waist
Start at the nape of your neck, from the bottom of your shirt collar. Measure down your back to your waist at your belt.

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