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This small iron Buddha statue is patterned on the classic giant Buddha at Kamakura. Being cast iron, he has a nice solid feeling – both to hold and see. We offer him in Black and Black with Moss Green. At 2.5″ tall and 14 oz. this small, solid, compact Buddha will fit on any altar or space available.

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2.5″ tall
14 oz.

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  1. Solid, quality feel and made in Japan. It’s perfect for my minimal, quiet altar.

  2. Just the right size for a bookshelf altar, evokes respect and love.

  3. I love this little amitabha buddha so much – the size, the proportion, the solid feel. I am giving them as gifts to a group of folks that helped me out recently; it is a nice little statue that is just as happy tucked away inconspicuously as he is as a centerpiece. Thank you, I never thought I’d find them in enough quantity and at the right price to give away 💜

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