Buddha Shakyamuni Statue NEW!

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4 lbs, 12 oz.
Height: 10.5”
Width: 7.5”
Depth: 4.5”



This Buddha Statue is serene and nicely made, perfect for alter, desk, or shelf. Shakyamuni means “The silent one from the Shakya tribe.” The Buddha sits on a lotus pedastol, and is dressed in a beautiful burgundy and green robe. Lotus flowers adorn his halo, and his hands are in the earth-touching mudra.

This mudra comes from the story that under the Bodhi Tree the Buddha-to-be is challenged by Mara, the Lord of Death. Mara insists that he deserves to be on the seat of enlightenment, not the Buddha, and he has his attendants bear witness to his worthiness. “Who will bear witness to you?” asks Mara. The Buddha lightly touches the ground, and the earth devi Pṛthivi roars “I bear you witness.” An earthquake ensues, and Mara and his men scatter.

4 lbs, 12 oz.
Height: 10.5”
Width: 7.5”
Depth: 4.5”
Made from Cold Cast Bronze
Made in China

2 reviews for Buddha Shakyamuni Statue NEW!

  1. Colter B. (verified owner)

    usColorado, United States

    An absolutely beautiful statue that catches your eye from every corner of the room! The height makes it large enough to be a mindful presence no matter its placement. I love the details and especially Lord Buddha’s calm and tranquil expression. Thank you Still Standing for the amazing purchase!

  2. Charles (verified owner)

    usWashington, United States

    This item is exquisitely made with wonderful and artful detail.

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