Seated Kuan Yin Seated Kuan Yin Seated Kuan Yin



Seated Kuan Yin


This Kuan Yin statue is in classic and elegant pose.  Seated on a rocky cliff, she is known as the Water Moon Kuan Yin.  This is a reference to a chapter of the Avatamsaka Sutra in which Kuan Yin is found in a rocky grotto, in a posture of royal ease, gazing upon the moon in the water, contemplating the illusory nature of existence.  Her eyes are softly half-closed in meditation.  She is dressed in a beautiful dragon-embossed dhoti skirt, silk scarves, jewelry, and a high headdress.  Tints of terra cotta red and blue-green add to the beauty of this piece.


  • 14” tall
  • 9" wide
  • 6.5" deep
  • 4 lbs.

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