Zafu Meditation Cushions

How to Meditate Videos

We at Still Sitting want you to sit well – comfortably and with full attention. So we’ve made this video for you. It’s not fancy, but we hope it will help beginners -- and the occasional old-timer. Koshin and Lidunn spent many years in a Zen monastery, and what you see here is based on their experience teaching new students to sit properly.

We believe it is important not just that you sit, but how you sit. Your mind and body work together in meditation practice. A good posture will help your mind settle. We really do hope you have an excellent sitting experience on our cushions.

"We enjoy your cushions at the Island Sangha, at Mountain Lamp, at the Seattle Practice Center and all the places our wider Sangha sits. Thank you for your loving attention to detail and for supporting our practice. You are with us every day."

Jon P, Anacortes, Washington