Incense Bowls

Hazel Incense Bowl


Pressed incense is customarily burned in an incense bowl or holder. We offer handsome bowls crafted by American potters.

Each hand-thrown piece is unique, and the precise size and glaze may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Incense Bowl

Our incense bowls are approx. 3.5" in diameter and 2.75" tall. The bowl should be filled 1/3 to ½ full with sand, into which one or more sticks of incense is placed. Now and then the bowl can be emptied of the incense stubs, sifting them out with a fork.

Delicate green glaze
Green-brown glaze
Iron Crystal
Metallic ferrous matte glaze
Dappled black & gray
Deep glossy black
Brilliant blue
Blue Rim
Soothing blue tones
Rust Rim
Delicate earth tones

Incense Sand

If you need sand for you bowl, view our Incense Sand page.

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