Wooden Buddha

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These finely hand-carved Buddha is made from Suar wood in Bali. Suar is a non-endangered straight-grained hardwood, and is a fast-growing cousin of mahogany. This Buddha sits in repose with the classic meditation mudra. Each Buddha statue is hand-carved and unique, and so may differ slightly from Buddha pictured.
Please notice the fine detail on front and back.

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Small Medium Large X Large
Material Suar Wood in Bali Suar Wood in Bali Suar Wood in Bali Suar Wood in Bali
Dimensions 6” tall 8.25” tall 12” tall, 9” wide, 5” deep 17.5” tall, 12” wide, 7” deep
Weight 0.5 lbs. 1.75 lbs. 3 lbs. 10.5 lbs.

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