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May 2013

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Cushion Sets On Sale Rakusus 20% off Removable Covers

Hi Folks,

As spring opens up here in the Pacific Northwest we’re feeling energetic at Still Sitting.  To wit, we’ve recently added removable, washable covers to all of our meditation cushions.  You can now choose between our Standard cushions (non-removable cover) and Deluxe cushions (removable cover). 

You may also purchase a cover or two by themselves if you’d like.  If you’ve bought a zafu or zabuton from us in the last 10 years from us, these new covers will fit over your existing cushions.  So if you’d like to dress up your cushions, or just change color for fun, check out our new removable covers.  They’re on sale right now, along with a number of other items (see the left sidebar for more). 

One more fun little note – we’ve added a helpful function to our Cushion Set pages.  There’s a cushion set in the top left corner of the page that changes color depending on what colors you choose from the drop down menus.  That way you can get a sense of what your particular color combination is going to look like.  We think it’ll help you choose your next cushion set.  And we think it’s kinda cool.  In that order.

Best Wishes,,

The Still Sitting Crew



Sitting Tip – Relax

It may seem strange to advise you relax while sitting, since deep relaxation is the point, right? 

The thing is, we ask you to do a couple of contrasting things in meditation – both sit up straight and attentive, and relax.  If you don’t pay any attention to posture we think your meditation practice tends to become less present and more heavily laden with thought.  And if you pay too much attention to having perfect posture, you can forget that the point of this is to relax. 

Relax what?  Relax your grip on your thoughts, fears, ideas, and to-do lists.  Relax your grip on your own perspective.  At least for a moment.   And that starts with finding a way to relax your body while at the same time adopting an attentive posture. One trick that may help you is to imagine you have a string holding you up from the back part of the top of your head.  Once that imaginary thread is holding you up, you can relax your shoulders and the rest of your body.  Time also helps.  It’ll take time to find your balance between attention and relaxation.  Keep at it and little by little you’ll find it. 

Sitting Tip


Testimonial From a Recent Customer

Thank you. I also wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the Samue Jacket I received from you. It is beautifully made and a pleasure to wear!

All best wishes,

Richard D.
New York, NY

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"The world we have created is a product of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. "

- Albert Einstein