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February 2012

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Greetings from our little island.  Winter finally came to our Pacific Northwest home last month, and after our afternoon meditation the crew had a great snowball fight. 
We have kept warm filling orders – we’ve been busier than usual these days.  Thanks for your patronage.

Sitting Tip

Say, we just rolled out our swell new Samue Jacket.  It’s soft, comfy, durable, and of course attractive - we think you’re going to like it.  Oh, did we mention practical?  Pre-washed cotton and two pockets help with that. 

We decided it was finally time to give our mala page some love.  You’ll find a broad selection of mala there, made from sandalwood, cedar, lotus seed, and more. 
Finally, do check out our newly marked down sale items – all sorts of goodies discounted. 

The Still Sitting Crew

Sitting Tips – Mudras

While sitting in meditation you have to do something with your hands.  Mudra means “gesture” in Sanskrit.  Here are some of the hand gestures we’ve tried and can recommend:

This hand position is the simplest we know.  Just lay your hands palm down on your thighs. 

Sitting Tip

Zen Mudra
This is the mudra we’re most familiar with, being Zen practitioners ourselves.  Your hands can be rested in your lap, or slightly raised, with your thumbs at about your navel.  Left is cradled in your right hand, with your thumbs lightly touching.  Your pinkies should be lightly against your belly.

Sitting Tip

This mudra is a collapsed Zen mudra.  Your left hand makes a fist around your right thumb, then your right fingers wrap around your left fist. 

Sitting Tip

Chin Mudra
Your hands rest on your thighs or knees, palm up.  Your thumb comes together with either your pointer or middle finger. 

We hope these help you settle!

Sitting Tip


Testimonial From a Recent Customer

Hello -
I wanted to thank you both for your work. I purchased some zabutons and a zafu about a year ago for my husband and myself. We moved away from our practice community about five years ago and have struggled since to return to the discipline of regular sitting. We have three young children and a business together, and I appreciate the difficulty (and beauty) of doing what you're doing and that you continue to have a formal practice in this phase of life.

While our cushions rest under piles of baby clothes, drawings and toys, practice has never been more useful and, in a strange way, stronger. Thank you for encouraging the actual sitting and discipline part of practice and for your life-affirming business.

Best wishes,
Sarah H
Pittsburgh, 2011

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All experience is preceded by mind,
Led by mind,
Made by mind.
Speak or act with a peaceful mind,
And happiness follows
Like a never-departing shadow. 

The Dhammapada