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December 2011

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New Statues Cushion Sets on Sale Gift Certificates

The bustling holiday season is upon us, a time for connecting, giving gifts, sharing food.  While we admit to hoping you’ll give a gift from our catalog this month, we also want to recommend that you give yourself something that doesn’t cost a cent:  A Break.  The lights, the bustle, the social commitments are what makes this time of year special, and we all know it can make this season pretty nuts as well. 

Take a walk in the snow by yourself.  Sit and stare at a fire for a while.  Pull out that zabuton and zafu from under the bed and sit for 10 minutes.  We guess you and your loved ones will be the better for it. 

When thinking about a gift to give this season of peace, we’d like to suggest something, well, peaceful.  A cushion set, a lovely Kuan Yin statue, a meditation timer.  Or if you can’t decide, or don’t want the bother of deciding, give a Still Sitting Gift Certificate.  We’ll put it in the mail to your friend or loved one the same day you order, or we’ll email it to them (or you) right away. 

Happy, Sane Holidays,

The Still Sitting Crew


Sitting Tip – Making Space

To sit still you need at minimum a couple of things:  Time and space.  We recommend you take time this season, but also that you think ahead about space.  Do you have a little sanctuary you can retire to when you need it? 

Some of you may have a dedicated room or corner of a room for your meditation spot.  Or maybe you pull the zabuton and zafu from a closet to create a temporary sanctuary.  The nice thing about a zabuton is that it defines a kind of sacred space for the moment, and cues you to settle down for the next few minutes.   This whether you have it sitting out all the time, or bring it out just when you meditate. 

When sitting it helps to have a fairly clean place.  There’s a reason Zen halls are kept clean.  And yet, if you scoot your cushions out from under the bed into a messy bedroom, that works too.  Don’t let it stop you.  It’s also helpful to have it relatively quiet, especially when it comes to human voices.  Other noise, be it birds or traffic, can more easily become part of your meditation.

Sitting Tip


Testimonial From a Recent Customer

"Zabuton and crescent arrived as promised in great shape. I had given up on zafus about 15 yre ago...never felt right. This crescent is wonderful! Great workmanship on both. Thanks to the whole team."

Terry I.
Sandpoint, ID

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"We have what we seek, it is there all the time, and if we give it time, it will make itself known to us."

Fr. Thomas Merton