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August 2014

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New patterns for
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Hi Folks,

Meditation is part of daily life for more and more people, and keeping cushions in plain view as a subtle reminder is a great way to stay on track. Unlike industrial style exercise equipment that gets tucked away when not in use, meditation cushions are becoming part of the décor.

With that in mind, we're doing our best to create cushions that are not only comfortable and sturdy, but also attractive enough that you'll want to keep them out in the open.

This summer, we’re introducing four new print patterns (clockwise from the top):

  • Bali Blue
  • Lotus Flower
  • Dandy Blue
  • Autumn Bloom

We chose these patterns in part so they could be mixed and matched with our most popular solid colors. These new fabrics are available on zafus, zabutons and support cushions. Try out our handy online virtual cushion set "build." Come up with a combination you'd like using the preview tool on our cushion set page.

Good (and cool) wishes this summer,

The Still Sitting Crew

Sitting Tips –
Create a space that enhances your experience

In a perfect world, maybe we’d all sit in a quiet, peaceful room in complete silence void of distractions. But for most of us, reality includes dogs barking, kids playing, traffic going by and buzzing cell phones. It can be hard to learn the art of calming your inner self amidst the din of everyday life.

Sitting Tip

While the ideal situation would likely be in a local meditation center, you may want to create your own personal sanctuary at your home, tailoring it to minimize distractions that might jeopardize this peaceful, private time.

Consider how you can control such environmental conditions as:

  • Sound - Are you easily distracted by noises? While one person likes complete silence, another may prefer ambient music or sounds of nature (live or recorded). If you’re easily distracted by certain noises, "white noise" from a fan or a CD with rhythmic music or other calming sounds might just do the trick. For others, chanting is the answer. And be sure to mute your cell phone and let others in the house know it’s your quiet time.
  • Sight – Do you prefer a dark room? The sun on your face? The soft light of candles? Do you meditate on an object or close your eyes and visualize? Prepare your space with this in mind.
  • Comfort – From the clothes you wear to the comfort of your cushions to the temperature of the room, it’s hard to have a focused mind when your body is distracting you.
  • Time of day – Early morning is often the favorite time to sit, while the house is still quiet – plus it’s a great way to prepare for a busy day. Norman Fischer, author of “A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation,” recommends sitting first thing in the morning. “Do this before you have coffee, before you turn on your computer, before you activate your day and realize you don’t have time for this,” he advises.

Do you have advice on how to create a peaceful meditation experience? We'd love to hear from you. Email you suggestions at and we’ll share some of your tips with our customers.

Testimonial From a Recent Customer

“I just wanted to thank you for your time, guidance, and patience in helping me to select the best cushions for my meditation practice. I am so "!!!!!!!!!!!!" to be able to sit at home in addition to attending a zendo. Thanks to you I can deepen my practice. Be at peace.”

- Teresa R.

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