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August 2012

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Dear Still Sitters,

Thanks to you, dear customers, we are having a banner year.  We appreciate the trust you've put in our company, and we promise to keep the same standard of quality and customer care as we grow. 

Here's the newest member of the Still Sitting team, Melissa.  She is as careful, conscientious, and cheerful a person as you're likely to meet, and we feel lucky to be working alongside her. 

We’re writing to let you know we’ve extended our Summer Sale to September 15.   Every one of our zafusround, crescent, and travel – are on sale.  In addition, we’re discounting each buckwheat zafu by an additional $5 – but only until September 15.  Buckwheat zafu fans rejoice!

Among other things you’ll also find our rakusus, samue, and cushion sets on sale.  Check it out.  And thanks again for your support. 

We’ll leave you with a bowlful of blackberries, picked from the bushes around the Still Sitting Studio, and reminding us of nature’s bounty this time of year.

Best Wishes,

The Still Sitting Crew

Sitting Tip – Stretch

If your biggest barrier to starting a meditation practice is getting your legs crossed, you're not alone.  We who grew up in Western civilization aren't used to sitting cross-legged on the floor.  We've found that a few stretches can help a great deal.  These stretches not only help those new to sitting in meditation – they're good for old-timers too, to keep you limber through many years of practice.  Just ask Koshin, who has been working with a bad knee for more than a year.  Why?  Well, let's just say he's not one to stretch much, before sitting or running.  Stretching will help your body through a lifetime of crossing your legs. 

If you are sitting Burmese or one of the lotus positions, the key is to loosen your hips.  It is the hip joint that has to rotate in order for your legs to fold properly - if the hip is flexible, your knee doesn't have to twist.  We recommend the three exercises below for limbering up the hips and helping you sit comfortably for years to come.

This is the classic stretch done in gym classes all over the world.  In India it is known as the Tailor Pose.  We heard from an older Japanese monk that this is the only stretch you need for full lotus.  We'll let you be the judge of that. 

Bring the palms of your feet together, pulling them toward your body.  Clasp your feet and hold for about a minute. 

Sitting Tip

Now lean forward carefully and touch the ground with your fingertips, walking your fingers slowly forward, away from your body.  Hold this pose for a minute too.

Sitting Tip

Bend your left knee, turn the knee out, and put the heel of your left foot in the inside bend of your right elbow.  Now clasp your hands together.  Now gently rock your hips forward and back, rotating the hip outward slightly as you do.  Keep at it for a minute.  Repeat with your right leg. 

Sitting Tip

Through the hole
Lie on your back, both knees bent.  Cross your left leg onto your right thigh.  Reach your left hand through the hole made by your left leg and take it around the back of your right thigh.  Clasp your hands. Now pull your thigh toward you while moving your left knee away from you.  Hold for a minute.  Repeat with your other leg. 

Sitting Tip

Try these exercises every day for a few minutes, and we bet you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes while you’re on the cushions.

Testimonial From a Recent Customer

Thanks for the personal attention!  I do like the meditation pillows - very much.  I ordered the second set for my office at work - goodbye chairs at the other end of my desk- no one ever sits in them anyway :)

I love your quality product, the comfort and what you do!  So glad I stumbled upon your website. Thank you!

Warm Regards,

Elana W.
Jupiter, FL

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Buddha’s Satori

For six years sitting alone
         still as a snake
                  in a stalk of bamboo
with no family
         but the ice
                  on the snow mountain
Last night
         seeing the empty sky
                  fly into pieces
he shook
         the morning star awake
                  and kept it in his eyes