Zafu Meditation Cushions


Thanks for the comfortable and supportive robes.  Its nice to have a nice new clean pair, they fit nicely.  Now I can stop sitting because I am so stylish,  HAHAHA.  No, really a good inspiration for our graceful and difficult way.

I do hope to refer dharma friends and compadres to you excellent tailoring services.  And I hope that your business and the dharma can thrive!! Lets keep the art of tailoring alive!!  
Happy spring soon.

Jack G.
Shutesbury, MA

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying my new cushion set. I looked. around for a long time to find the right set, and the pictures were 'right on' ! I am so pleased,,  and my feet don't fall asleep since i am using the proper equipment! 

Thank you for the loving care you put in to it!


Colorado Springs, CO

Whack that mokugyo!  We love the sound, look and feel of it.  Great customer service too.

Deep bow
Margot M.
Cumberland, ME


Just wanted to tell you my mom gave me a zafu and zabuton in the dandy blue for Christmas. They are wonderful. Thank you so much again for the samples. And so sorry I couldn’t order them sooner!

Happy New Year,
Andrea L.
Glen Head, NY

The zabuton is amazingly comfortable. Soft and supportive. I’m quite amazed at how a slight change in the elevation of my pelvis makes the sitting so much more comfortable. Thank you!

Michael M.
Kirkwood, MO

Just to let you know that my zafu and zabuton arrived in perfect condition today. They are beautifully made, thank you!

Best wishes,
Nicole B.
Austin, TX

Hi Koshin,

I got the zabuton and I really like the quality of the product. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

Kuldeep S.
Mississauga, Canada

Hi Koshin,
The rakusu has just arrived. I wish to thank you : you made me happy.

Thank you again.
Maria C.
Orbe, Switzerland

Just want to let you know my meditation bench and cushion have arrived. They are both beautifully crafted. Thank you.

Patricia M.
Port Orchard, WA


I received my order [Tibetan Seat Cushion Set].  It is wonderful.  I love it.  Thank you, thank you.

With folded hands,
 Matt K.
Yakima, WA

The beautiful inkin arrived on Saturday and we used it in our Zen group on Sunday. It really does have a wonderful tone.

Steve F.
Johnson City, TN


Got it yesterday and loved it. What a difference it makes. Thanks so much for your service. I am a transitioning military professional recently introduced to mindfulness meditation for PTSD. Sitting comfortably allows me get my life back.

Being able to sit properly, and comfortably has brought me from 1 x 10-15 minute session to multiple hour long sessions a day. That has greatly expedited my transformation, peace, and understanding, thank you. I have been able to dive deeper, sit 'stiller', and have longer lasting peace and calm due to your wonderful products.

All products are of great quality, craftsmanship, care, and construction. Shipping has been quick. Personalized letters/emails. And I feel like the business ethics and values of Still Sitting make me feel more at peace using your environmentally conscious products. I would be glad to recommend your service with my name on the honor of the products and service.


Spanaway, WA

Received my zafu.  Looks very nice and well-constructed. Next time I need something I’ll order it from you guys.
Thank you
Wayne P.
San Jose, CA

I don't know if I ever gave you feedback on the kesa I ordered from you (linen one)... but it is beautiful and beautifully made.  The fabric and sewing detail is exceptional.  

Thomas H.
Montreal, Canada

My zafu, zabuton, and support cushion just arrived safely. I'm very pleased. The quality of fabric, materials, and construction is first-rate. Congratulations on your superior customer service and excellent products. 

Julia S.
Salt Lake City, UT

Lidunn, I received my robes and they are wonderful! Thank you so much for your additional time and effort to meet my late request. The robes are excellent quality, fit me perfectly and arrived earlier than expected. Two years ago I ordered your zabuton and bench set and they are still my favorite place to sit and have held up perfectly. Good luck with your business.

Thor M.
Portland, OR

I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my [custom-made waterproof] zabuton.
I'm meditating outdoors now amongst the weeds, rocks, and dirt (and rain in the future) with no more anxiety.

The 3'x3' size gives me the room that I need as a tall person (6' 1").
Thank you guys SO MUCH for taking on this project!

Jeff B.
San Jose, CA

It is so sweet, in this day of manufactured goods off the shelf, to remember that you guys make these.

Thanks, again, for all you do.

Christina T.
Bainbridge Island, WA

I received my rakusu today--it is absolutely beautiful!!  Thank you so much!

Eric M.
Green Bay, WI

I LOVE my cushions. I take my zafu to the sit I attend three evenings per week and several people have asked about it. Everyone is very impressed with the quality of the material and construction. I am sincerely "!!!!!!!!!!!!" about the pillows and would not hesitate to order again from you. 

Be at peace,
Teresa R.
Charlottesville, VA

Koshin, good afternoon, just to let you know i already received the package, everything is beautiful!!!! thank you so much for all your attentions and kindness.
Have a great week and greetings to you!!!!
Karen C.
Cuauhtemoc, Mexico

I love that scent!!! [Beckoning Spring] Well worth it.

9 Bows,
Shogen B.
Medford, MA

Just a quick note to let you know my order arrived and I'm very pleased with it. Great quality, well packed, it was all I could hope for.

Thank you!

Vera P.
Pittsboro, NC

Thank you for your beautiful product [inkin bell] and your efficient service. I hope the business and your practice there prosper.

With best wishes,

Antony O.
Colesberg, South Africa

Dear Koshin,
I have received the gong and the mokugyo in perfect condition.  Thank you very much for your prompt shipping.

The gong thickness helps the resonance last long and the sound be inspiring.

The sound of the mokugyo is warm and rounded.

I like both of them and so does my husband.

May your business thrive for many decades to come to help bring Buddhist teachings to the world.


Nu Ha P.
San Jose, CA

The clappers arrived today and they are things of genuine beauty. Thank you! We appreciate this and all that you do.

Jason W.
Seattle, WA


The shipment was due to arrive the 24th.  It showed up on my doorstep today, the 22nd.  Fantastic.  And we are thrilled with the bell.  What a beautiful resonance and visually appealing product.

Thank you, as always, for your terrific products.

Terry and Marcia L.
Horseheads, NY

Dear Chris and Lidunn,

Lauren and I want to thank you for letting us visit today. We love our meditation cushions and it was so helpful to try them out so we could decide what would fit each of us best.

Robin G.
Seattle, WA


Got it! That’s really a fine inkin. Thank you for offering it.

Henry P.
Miami, FL

To whom it may concern:

I wish to express my gratitude for the order and timely delivery of a Zafu/Zabuton set. It arrived on the 4th day as promised and in mint condition. It is so nice when things align and the universe brings what you need/ask for. The Zafu is firm and comfortable. We will be doing more business in near future. Thank you for these lovely tools.


Jonathon B.
Burden, KS

I got my zafu set today. I think I'm going to love it. It is beautiful.

Thank you.

Shiovhan S.
Ypsilanti, MI

Dear Koshin,

I have received the zafu today and it is beautiful. I am so happy.

Huge thanks to you!

Marina G.
Richland, WA

I received my bowl [Rin Bell] and I am stunned by how beautiful it is – the shape, finish & tone are all amazing! Not sure what I expected but it definitely exceeded my expectations.
Much peace & happiness in the new year!

Chris M.
Seattle, WA

Beautiful product [Chukpi]; thank you!

Michael M.
Chicago, IL

I wanted to let you know that the bench arrived as expected and I used it extensively during my recent 8 day retreat. I worked beautifully and it ended up working much better for me than the zafu I have used in the past.

Thanks much!!

Chris M.
Seattle, WA

I received my bell the other day. What a beautiful tone! Thank you!

Rebecca G.
Mesa, AZ


Received the Tibetan Seat and it's just right. Thanks.

Jamie F.
Seattle, WA

The Inkin bell and moktak look, feel and sound happy and wonderful.

Gareth S.
Vancouver, BC

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer the questions I had about the wrist Mala I was interested in purchasing. They arrived yesterday & will remind me to be calm & breathe when the day to day stresses distract me.

I appreciate your help,

Nanette K.
Waterford, MI


I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying my cushions.

Peter M.
Mililani, HI

I received the gong and am very pleased!  It was exactly what I was looking for. 
Thank you for the top quality product and service. 

James R.
Blaine, WA

I recently called about my beach ball failure.  The one that is a bladder in my inflatable zafu.
I greatly value this device.  Your representative seemed interested in my suggestion for an alternative inflatable bladder and then moved to send me a replacement beach ball.

That open-handedness makes me a real customer.

Dave W.
Arcata, CA

Hello again, 

I thought I'd write back now that I've recieved the items I purchased, and express how pleased I am about everything. 

When I ordered the Lay Robes my first thought was that it would be something I could wear at home, something to meditate in. But now that has changed completely. The quality of the whole set couldn't be better. It fits perfectly, it is easy to take on and off, and it just feels great. So I have pretty much had it on all day the last couple of days. 
The same goes for the cushion set, it is good to sit on and I just love it. With that said, I had pretty high expectations for everything when I ordered the Lay Robes, Cushion set and Malas. But what I recieved went way above anything I had ever expected, so thanks so all of you who made this for me, and had a hand in doing it. I will also, most definitely, order more from you in the future, and I look forward to it!

Steffen Bringham
Stavanger, Norway

I received your package [Cushion Set] the other day. It is beautiful! Thank you!

Rebecca C.
Columbia, MD

Hi Koshin,

The bells arrived safely and beautifully today.
Many thanks!

Paul V.
Atlanta, GA

You asked for feedback or suggestions.  I cannot come up with any suggestions.  The only one that comes to mind would be pants suitable to wear with the samue jacket, but I believe you're already working on that.

As to feedback, I've bought a lot of things from you and have been nothing but totally happy with each and every item.  The only foul up over the years was an order I goofed up on but you went out of your way to make it right, even though it was my fault.

Thank you for your wonderful products and service.

Allen T.
Coupeville, WA

Hi Melissa

I got the package. What a great Buddha!


David D.
Dallas, TX

Hey Melissa,

Went and picked up the package today, just wanted to say I am very happy with the quality of the product [Two Cushion Set].  Can't wait to try them out later tonight. Thank you guys so much.

Don J.
Tsawwassen, Canada

Thank you very much! I love the zafu and support cushions and will definitely suggest Still Sitting to anyone who is in search of meditation supplies.


Linda A.
San Francisco, CA

Really lovely site! Congratulations.
Paul B.
Brooklyn, NY

I'm impressed both with the cushions and with your business practice!
Judy B.
Bellingham, WA

These [Samue Jackets] are wonderful!  They fit very well... I'm looking forward to your lighter weight samu-e jackets and will be purchasing a couple of those as well.

Jeff M.
Sandy, UT

Thank you.  My family is enjoying our several purchases.  Elisha makes tea for me daily.
Peace and good cheer to you all at Still Sitting.

Kathryn  P.
Missouri City, TX

I am  so pleased with the inkin's sound,  craftmanship and simplicity of form.  The sound of the bell is transcendent.  Thank you for the prompt delivery and for selling this beautiful inkin.  Now to practice.  I will look forward to more opportunities to order from your catalog,

Jan P.
Bainbridge, WA

I received my order yesterday and while I love the cushions and am pleased with them, what wowed me was the way in which they arrived. That box was a joy to unwrap and unload because of the obvious care with which everything had been packaged. 
I know that sounds kind of odd --- but it's the little things that matter.

Thanks again!
Maureen O.
Ames, IA

It was nice to talk to you over the phone concerning my medium rin bell order. I really appreciate your response and hands on approach. Normally when I call a retailer I get some strange and impersonal voice on the other end of the phone. It is wonderful that you folks over there at Stll Sitting take such a human and personal approach to your business. The bell by the way, has a superb tone and clarity with fantasic sustain. What a joy.

Jon P.
North Kingstown, RI

I have been very pleased with my Samue jacket.  Its beautifully made and warm and comfortable to sit in for meditation.  I have found the Still Sitting team so helpful in communication across the world and am happy to commend them.

Rev. Nicholas R.
Adelaide, Australia

Hi Koshin,

Thank you very much. It did seem rather steep. We love our meditation supplies.

Megan F.
Seattle, WA

Hello again Koshin,

The shipment arrived and the cushions look wonderful...

Greg L.
Kennebunk, ME


I love [the samue jacket]. I usually use it for painting and roaming around the house! :) Thank you again!


Khamsavan W.
Zurich, Switzerland


I wanted to mention that, although I needed to return the cushion set, I though the quality of the craftsman ship was really excellent.
A few years ago I began my own boat canvas shop and I can recognize great work. I felt both cushions were stitched to the highest quality.

Jeff B.
Rockport, MA

My new zafu and zabuton arrived - both terrific - thank you!

Karlene J.
Bellevue, WA

Thank you. I also wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the samue jacket I received from you. It is beautifully made and a pleasure to wear!

All best wishes,

Richard D.
New York, NY

You guys are great. It’s so nice that you put together such a helpful video on sitting posture. I'm saving up for a cushion set now and love the fact that you make a four inch thick zabuton; pretty plush. Looking forward to doing business with such nice, sincere, and informative people.


Jon Pratt
North Kingstown, RI

Hello Koshin

The [custom] cushion is PERFECT!!  

Thank you so much!!

Phil K.
Santa Clarita, CA

We picked up the zabutons and they look great.

Barbara M.
Slocan, BC

I love the [Samue] jacket and cushions.

Vickie L.
Tigard, OR

The sitting cushions were  great - thanks for a nice product.

Courtney A.
Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for your terrific products and service.

Happy holidays!

Terry L.
Horesheads, NY

Thanks! Love the cushions.
With apologies for brevity and/or typing errors....I'm using my iPad.

Sean H.
Seattle, WA

Tx Received the order.  Very pleased.  Thank you very much.......
Iain B.
Edmonton, AB


Just a quick note to let you know that my order arrived in perfect shape and I like everything very well.

Best regards,

James D.
Tempe, AZ

Dear all at Still Sitting,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the awesome meditation cushions. Beautiful as always!


Randy S.
Eureka, CA

Hi Koshin,

Just to let you know that the zabuton arrived yesterday and it's perfect.
Thanks so much for your prompt and personalized service...


Julie R.
Albuquerque, NM

I ordered a meditation bench several weeks ago, and it arrived last week in good shape. I want to thank you all sincerely for making this great tool available. It makes extensive sitting relaxed and comfortable. This, of course, makes general life more relaxed and comfortable. A ton of merit be on all your heads! 

Kieran J.
Athens, OH

Good Afternoon Koshin,

I look forward to trying the samue, my wife really enjoys hers as the evenings are cooling.  Thank you as always for your work and practice.

Travel well,

Greg L.
Kennebunk, ME

Thank you! The cushions are wonderful.


Melissa G.
Seattle, WA

Thank you very much. I just want to let you know how much I love your zafus and zabutons. I participated in a workshop for end-of-life caregivers at Upaya Zen Center in April--and couldn't help noticing the wonderful quality of some of the cushions in their zendo. Fortunately, the Still Sitting tags were visible. I went online when I returned and ordered a set for my office at the university. I've just ordered another set for me and one for my son. Thanks so much for the beautiful craftsmanship.

Shelley A.
San Francisco, CA


They're here! And we LOVE them!!!!

Next time we order from you, we'll make a trip out to pick up ourselves, and take a yoga class from Kathryn Payne.

Many thanks!

Richmond Beach Yoga, Seattle

Yes  thanks Koshin it [Linen Rakusu] got here yesterday, on time and very well made, thank you!

Kind regards,

Kaj L.
Adelaide, Australia

Wow!  Thanks.

Any on-line review you guys want me to submit?  I have been very happy with all aspects of my purchase.

Roberto Q.
Los Angeles, CA

Got them! [buckwheat zafus] They are beautiful. Many, many thanks!

Eddie S.
Seattle University

Afternoon Koshin

Bell arrived safely yesterday and am very pleased with it indeed.  Thanks again for your help and the excellent service.

Les R.
Hinkley, United Kingdom


Thank you for your email. Yes, I got my zafu and zabuton and I'm very happy about them!
Thank you for your great service. I won't hesitate to recommend you or to buy from you again!

Florin D.
Portland, OR


The robes arrived today and the look perfect! Thank you for the robes and thank you for getting them here before my retreat.

Victoria, BC

Thanks to all of you at Still Sitting for the beautiful cushions and quick delivery.  They arrived and are in use.

Gendo F.
Lebanon, NH

Hi Koshin -

Thanks for the personal attention!  I do like the meditation pillows - very much.  I ordered the second set for my office at work - goodbye chairs at the other end of my desk- no one ever sits in them anyway :)

Still working on some seating I'm trying the buckwheat to compare.  I may have to order more support cushions...I will experiment more.  I do have plans to order a third set in the future for another room in my house. 

I love your quality product, the comfort and what you do!  So glad I stumbled upon your website.  Thank you!

Warm Regards,

Elana W.
Jupiter, FL

The zafu arrived today, July 2........pretty good time….. The zafu looks and feels great; you have a nice product.


Bob C.
Honolulu, HI

HI Koshin,

I have received my cushions, they look and feel great! Thanks so much for the refund - I'll tell anyone I know who is interested in meditation cushions to try you out!

Kind regards,

Ben O.
Seattle, WA

We have received the order.

They look great, and the students are ready to use them!

Thank you very much.

Calvin H
N. Virginia Community College

Just got the samue jacket and timer I ordered, I am delighted, arrived without a blemish very well packaged. I am very grateful for the seriousness and honesty. I hope order more, thanks for everything.


Oscar C.
Brazilia, Brazil

The samue arrived yesterday.

It was a surprise for Jack and he is delighted, as am I.

Thank you for these excellent and superior quality garments.

Lydee S.
Mountain Center, CA

Received the  Buckwheat Zafu yesterday – great quality as always.

Gave my round one (Kapok) to my daughter.

Enjoy your day.

Gerry D.
Chandler, AZ


I just want to let you know the robe you sent me is really great, so well made, and fits so nicely

Martha P.
Tucson, AZ

Dear Koshin Cain,

I received my zagu today and it is wonderful! Thank you so much, I appreciate the care you take.

Kind regards,
Dave E.
Portland, OR

Hello Koshin

The Meditation cushion set arrived today! That is one week, with a quick clearance at Customs, so it arrived in plenty of time. Thank you so much! I like it very much and looking forward to my first sit on it tonight. The cushions all have a nice feel to them, not to mention a “good feel” about them in general.

Teresa T
Penticton, BC

Thank you very much. I just want to let you know how much I love your zafus and zabutons. I participated in a workshop for end-of-life caregivers at Upaya Zen Center in April--and couldn't help noticing the wonderful quality of some of the cushions in their zendo. Fortunately, the Still Sitting tags were visible. I went online when I returned and ordered a set for my office at the university. I've just ordered another set for me and one for my son. Thanks so much for the beautiful craftsmanship.

Shelley A.
San Francisco, CA

Hi there,

I've received the package
and would like to thank you for a service and to mention that I really enjoy these products.

Alex V.
Kiev, Ukraine

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you very much for making our cushions. They are working out great.  Kurt is 6' 2" and needed a larger cushion for his long legs.

We will pass along your website to our group.

Brandon, FL

You should know that my inflatable travel cushion from Still Sitting is a constant and comforting companion on my travels.

Kind regards,
Myoko W.
Victoria, Canada

Hello Soshin and Koshin,

The order of bells and gongs arrived safe and well and in very quick time – thanks for your very prompt sending of the order.
All the instruments are of a very high quality compared to some others I’ve come across over the years. For it’s size the large gong/keisu is remarkable in the depth of sound it produces. They have raised the chanting services at our small zendo to a higher and more profound level already which is gratifying. I must thank you for stocking the best instruments you can which is a reflection of your commitment to the practice. As always it has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Shoshin H.
Benalla, Australia

Hello!  My beautiful purple crescent cushion arrived today, in time for my upcoming ten day meditation retreat.  I look forward to spending many hours on it!  Thank you so much.

With metta,
Kathryn W.
Oakland, CA

just got to open the [large wooden] buddha; he's amazing!  definately worth the wait.  thank you for the incense as well.  it smells wonderful! i hope you have a great weekend! 
be well.
Shana C.
Newmarket, NH

Dear Friends at Still Sitting,

Thank you for altering my hakama.  The ties fit perfectly, and I will be wearing it at sesshin in two weeks.  I really appreciate your work.

Adam C.
Kirkwood, MO

Just a note to let you know that my gong arrived today, along with the rin stand.  It is a wonderful gong with an amazing tone and sustain. It seems to go on forever!

Thank you for your reliable service and fine products. I am delighted to recommend you to all.

In gassho,
Herb S.
Delta, Canada

I received my bell and it is wonderful. Thank you for your timely service!


Portland, OR

Today I received your shipping. Thank you, the inkin has a wonderfull sound!
Signorelli F.
Trecate, Italy

Thank you again for the expertly sewn Rakusu.  I appreciate the gift to my practice.


Josh L.
Lake Oswego, WA

I used it [zafu] this morning for the first time.  It's perfect!   Well constructed, comfortable, and the fabric is very elegant.
I especially like that I was able to remove some of the buckwheat shells to adjust the loft to my needs.

Thank you.

Jim F.
Marina del Rey, CA

Thank you for the cushions, they're very nice and VERY comfortable.  I have just started practicing Zen, and it's nice to have a zafu and a zabuton to meditate on instead of sitting on the edge of couch cushions and trying not to slide off!

Thanks again!
Cindy M.
Seattle, WA

Dear Lidunn,

The cushion is beautiful! Just wanted you to know. Fits the platform, looks fantastic, and also seems like it will be very comfortable for Rinpoche…of course the most important aspect.
Best wishes,
Diane B. 
Pema Kilaya/Kilung Foundation
Whidbey Island, WA

We have two of your sitting cushions and we love them and now we're excited to have such a beautiful bell!

Thank you,
Caroline H., Bellevue, WA                                                                                                            2011

The cushions are working out very well, and people are very happy with the buckwheat support cushions as well. It's all wonderful  : )

Thanks again!  and I hope all is well with you.

Upaya Zen Center

Thanks again! It arrived yesterday and it's far more comfortable than the stack of towels I started with.  It's beautiful and very well made.
Aaron L., Redmond, WA                                                                                                                            2011

Hey Koshin,
I got the package today. Everything looks great. Thanks and have a good week

Spencer B., Kailua, HI

Rakusu arrived yesterday.  It's lovely.  Thank you.

Laurie L., Naples, FL

Your posture video is beautiful!

Marjie W., Vashon, WA

Thank you so much for your practice in making these supplies available to all of us.

In Gassho, Jikyo W., Port Angeles, WA

Just got my latest order and wanted to say thanks again for great products and super fast shipping.   Hope all is well on Vashon. :)

Metta – Kathy K., Mill Creek, WA                                       &nbsnbsp;                                                                                  2011

Hello Still Sitting. I just ordered a cedar mala from you and look forward to receiving it on Friday. Thank you for your pleasant service .

Mary O., Federal Way, WA

The zafu you sent is great. I'm sure there is a real personal component to it. I had been sitting for some time on a folded beach towel - what else in Florida. And am stubborn and spartan. So this is a real treat.

Thanks and best regards,
Andrew S., St. Petersburg, FL

These rins and bowl gong you sent are truly wonderful. The gong tone easily lasts around a minute, just as your web site indicated.
The rins are superior in tone to the one we use at our local zen center. In fact, I am using the medium bell to get the attention of my ninth graders during class.
They know that sound means "look at me in silence."

Your products are always of the highest quality without a doubt!

Kim P., El Paso, TX

I received my zafu today - thank you so much for turning around this order so quickly.  I was not expecting it to arrive in time for Christmas but now my husband will be pleasantly surprised Christmas morning.  Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Nicole G., Issaquah, WA                                                                                                              2010

Thank you for your excellent service, clear communication and demonstration of your practice in every interaction I've had with your Still Sitting side.

Have a peaceful holiday. 

Jim W., Seattle, WA                                                                                                                    2010

My inkin arrived about one hour ago. It is beautiful and has an amazing tone. Thanks for your prompt service.

Herb S., Vancouver, BC                                                                                                              2010

I really love the robes that I have received and enjoy sitting in them.  Thank you for such a great product!


Kozan N., Victoria, BC                                                                                                                                                    2010

Thank you so much for your prompt service and for the personal reply.  I'm very happy with the product [Traditional Bench] - the size is perfect.

Thank you again,
Michael S., Seattle, WA                                                                                                                                           2010

Hi Koshin!

I love my bench!  It means a lot to me that it was made locally by an artisan and will go to support your business and family.

Monica G., Seattle, WA                                                                                                                                           2010


I love your products.  They are durable, comfortable, and beautiful.
I always recommend you to my friends!

Sean M., Champaign, IL

Habari za asubuhi (good morning) Koshin,

Ahsante sana (thank you very much) for the shipment - it arrived perfectly yesterday and all is good. The sets are beautiful and I am excited to introduce them to our upcoming class next shortly. 

Tom K., Center for Living and Dying, Seattle, WA

Dear Koshin,
Thank You! I received all items!
As always - great!

Juris R, Riga, Latvia

Putene er nydelige også, og jeg liker vedlig godt deres "Inkin bell" og den andre. Beholder begge, tenkte først jeg skulle gi bort en men om jeg gjøre det, kjøper jeg en ny en neste gang her, i januar.

Kind Regards,
Steinar A., Oslo, Norway

Received my order - bench and cushion - today.  Beautiful.

Carol M., Durham, NC

The gong sounds great. much nicer than the (more expensive) gong that came from serenity tibet. The construction has more material (thicker walls) that give it that nice, sharp chime sound when the rim is struck - unlike the flat response of gongs with thinner walls.

I think you have a winner.

Ray S., Springwater, NY

It [Classic Zafu] arrived today; I love it.
Thank you very much!

-Carl J, Tigard, OR

We enjoy your cushions at the Island Sangha, at Mountain Lamp, at the Seattle Practice Center and all the places our wider Sangha sits. Thank you for your loving attention to detail and for supporting our practice. You are with us every day.

Jon P, Anacortes, WA

Hi Koshin

Thank you so much for your great support and service. I'm looking forward to be shopping at Still Sitting Meditation in the future.

Nikolaj B, Oslo, Norway

I received my zafus and zabuton today. They are lovely. I was touched by your kind note – silent support is appreciated.

Sharon A, Great Falls, MT

I received the zafu on Saturday just in time to try it at my Saturday afternoon group sitting. It was great.
Thank you for your service.

Harry Y, Honolulu, HI

Hi Koshin Cain,

Thank you very much for the delivery of the perfect zabuton. Not a problem with the delivery time. We simply lost track and was wondering if it was on it's way.

You create lovely products.
Take care,
Carmen S, Seattle, WA

Hi Lidunn,
the robes work very fine in the zendo. I'm still not completly used to it though when sitting down. With trousers it is a bit easier of course. For men anyway as they are at least in my country not used to wearing robes :-)
But I have to admit I wear them proudly and it feels good.
Thanks for asking!

Martin Z, Vienna, Austria

Hi Koshin
I am sorry for the delay in answering you. Yes I did receive the cushions. Thank you so much for your excellent service and for the followup!

Sheila G, Cozumel, Mexico

Hi Koshin – received the order and I am very pleased with the colors and patterns of the zafus – even though there is no benefit other than esthetic value, I like the look of my meditation spots in my home with the new zafus –

Hope all well up north and appreciate the great work you produce…

Kind regards
Hotse L. Lauderdale, FL

Hi Koshin,
Thanks for your email about my bench cushion. I received it on Friday the 9th and it's exactly what I wanted, great quality, and fits my bench perfectly.

Take care,
Patti B, Omaha NE

I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that my robes came in today. I wore them for my evening zazen. They fit well and are very comfortable. This is my first set of robes. Thank you for helping me take one more step.

Tom K, Vancouver, Canada

My rakusu arrived today. It's beautiful. Many thanks. I am honored.

Bobby B, El Paso, TX

Hello Liduun,

We received the cushions! They’re beautiful, very well-made. My plan is to get a bunch of people to sit on them, and “vote” for their preference, then i’ll make the final order.

Thanks so much,
Diane B, Whitbey Island, WA

Hi Koshin,

I received my order today. Beautiful work! I love my cushions. Thanks so much.

David L, Grand Rapids, MI

I received my beautiful robe that you made with the hakama material. It looks wonderful and you did your usual great work.

This will be, along with the hakima, treasured for years to come.

Stuart T, Seattle, Washington 2010

Thank you for your prompt fulfillment of my order and rapid shipment. I leave in seven days for two months in Vietnam, Korea, China and India. Much of my time will be in temples where I will wear my new Kimono feeling your connection to my practice.

Gassho, Janice T, Berkeley, California 2009

Thank you so very much, it is always nice dealing with you and your center, I hope to come sit with you this summer. I LOVE MY RAKUSU ...three deep bows!

Jack D, Mill Valley, California 2009

Thank you so very much for shipping the cushions to Whidbey. They arrived and are fantastic. I appreciate your help.

Thanks again,
Laura M, Seattle, Washington 2009

Thank you for your quick response and excellent service! I will be ordering some meditation robes from you shortly! Until next time, metta & gassho.

Loren S, Phoenix, Arizona 2009

Dear Lidunn,

I just received my lay robe this afternoon; it is beautiful! The attention to detail as well as the design and sewing is first class to say the least. I could not be happier nor asked for more! I cannot say enough good things about your craftsmanship!

My robe will be a lifelong treasure.

Many thanks from the heart,
Stuart T, Seattle, Washington 2009

Hi Koshin
Cushion arrived this morning, and I am very happy with it. I think it
will take a lot of time to flatten!

Paul C, Vancouver, British Columbia 2009

Good afternoon,

The Rakusu I ordered from you arrived today!; it is very nice and the quality is unsurpassed. Thank you so very much for your time and attention to details and in assisting me with my order. I will continue to recommend you as a great source of supplies and look forward to our continued friendship.

Jack D, Mill Valley, California 2009


The robes arrived, fit perfectly and are really quite beautiful! In comparison, my nun's robes look somewhat shabby. Thank you so much for getting them here in plenty of time before my trip to L.A.

Ginsei C., Raleigh, North Carolina 2009

Your web site is beautifully designed. Great domain name. I like the inverted"i" becoming a subtle exclamation point.:)

Your sitting tips page is the best I've seen. I may try one of your tapered zafus, that's an interesting design. You have a great selection of cushions.

Matt B, Tampa, Florida 2009

Hi, Koshin,

Many thanks for the safe and quick receipt of the Inkin bell and clappers. I'm very pleased with them and look forward to using them for zazen. Please keep me on your mailing list if possible.

Gordon W, Great Yarmouth, UK 2009

Chris and Lidunn,

Just opened the box, then rushed to sit in my usual meditation position.
Wow! It's the right height; the right firmness. Love it!! And my group, Wake up to Your Life, Columbus (OH), is meeting for a weekend retreat starting Friday. Just in time! thanks thanks thanks!

Ruth P, Columbus, OH 2009

Lidunn & Christopher,

Yes, thank you so much for such wonderful workmanship, or rather, mastery. The two pieces are utterly awesome together. They instill the best in me to open. Just arrived at this wonderful retreat place, most recommended. Heart centered place to be. Then these masterpieces unfolded to create a meditative atmosphere of inspiration.

Warmest regards,
Steinar A, Kolsas, Norway 2009

Yes the cushion and bell have arrived and are beautiful. Many thanks
be well and happy

Tobyn T, Shaftsbury, UK 2009

DEAR Koshin,
Thank You, I received all meditation items!
All are made beautiful!

God bless you!

Juris Rubenis, Riga, Latvia 2009

Well done!
Thank You.
Patrick V, Albuquerque, New Mexico 2009

Hi Lidunn and Koshin --
Wanted to say thank you SO much for my custom zafu and extra fat zabuton. They're perfect and that blue kanji fabric is gorgeous.

Best wishes to you both.
Kathy K, Mill Creek, Washington 2009

Just a note to say that the zafu arrived today and is perfect. Thanks
very much for such a high quality product!

Best regards,
Ethan S, Seattle, Washington 2009

Make your color choice more apparent on Google search tag line. It is a great thing. No one else had the great color choices.

Wishing you well,
Mike Clark, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2009

My daughter is graduating high school and heading off to college. The name and address are correct.The cushions are for her evolving practice as she departs the confines of home. I deeply enjoy your work daily in my own practice and it is now my joy to share your work with my daughter. I hope that you have a lovely day. Thank you again for your work.

Travel well,
Greg L, Keenebunk, Maine 2009

Dear Koshin and Lidunn

Thank you for our rakusus, which have arrived safely - they are perfect.

Kosen, Furnace Mountain, Kentucky 2009

Cushions are luxe and just right-what a combination. And the incense is sublime as well.
Diane P, Grand Prairie, Texas 2009

You've been great this whole time--I've not worked with a retailer who's flexible and supportive! Guess that comes with the territory, huh?

Will keep in touch, and thanks again!
Amy A, Seattle, Washington 2009

Hello Koshin,
I just wanted to thank you for all of your great services. I am getting very good use from my cushion set, and even though I've only tried your daily incense it is of the highest quality I've ever experienced. Thank you again, namaste.
Loren S, Phoenix, Arizona 2009

Thanks for your time and the obvious love and care you put into your products.
Kim P, El Paso, Texas 2009

Everything arrived okay and looks great. Thanks!
I'm sure you'll hear from us again, and in the meantime I'll stick your postcard advertisement up on our bulletin board.

Koho, Detroit, Michigan 2009

My cushion set is great, the incense is great; things are going so well in my practice that I wanted to reward myself with a set of lay robes. I'd like to be comfortable and properly dressed; who knows where this order will take me next.

Thanks again, Namaste!
Scott S, Calimesa, California 2009

Thank you as always for your efforts. I enjoy their fruit in my practice each day.

Travel well,
Gregory L, Kennibunk, Maine 2009

Hi Koshin,

I AM getting great use from my zabuton. I'm now ordering another for
my small cabin in the mountains. I appreciate the great quality of your products.
I look forward to arrival of this order. Thank you SO much!

Be Well,
Greg S, Los Altos, California 2009

Hi Koshin Cain,

I have received the inkin bell yesterday - what a lovely piece. The
personal touch - beside fast shipping, an extremely well packaging
and a great website - will make me certainly come back for any other
meditation supplies I might need. Thank you very much.

In spirit,
Wolfgang E, Oakland, California 2009

Dear Koshin,
I just received my rakasu cover today. Its absolutely beautiful!

Thank you,
Carol W, Pleasant Hill, California 2009

Thank you!!
I love your personal notes..why I came back. My elderly cat used the last zabuton as a litter box. I think she mistakenly thought it was the dog's bed, where she likes to leave a statement. Sigh..otherwise, I so enjoy my cushions.

Vicki B, San Anselmo, California 2009

The cushions are very nice. The crescent makes all the
difference in my alignment, and I'm very happy with it..

Thank you,
Suzanne S, Sebastopol, California 2009

Your products are of great quality and I appreciate your business very much. thanks again!
Matt M, Honesdale, Pennsylvania 2009

Dear Koshin,
 My brother has received your cushion and the "special gift" as scheduled. He is very happy with the cushion, it helps quite a lot with his knee pain and therefore he can sit longer in meditation.
We appreciate to have your business in providing such comforting cushions to assist with meditation. It is such a noble business to provide support to people in their spiritual path. I am also thankful for such good customer services.

Be well always and all ways
Thuan N, Whittier, California 2009

Dear Koshin

I really would like to let you know how happy I am with the lay robes. they fit perfectly, they look perfect. I love the craftsmanship, they are so well made. my practice has been taken to a different level. it has given a seriousness to may practice. when I put them on I know am about to do something important, well I am so happy with my robes that I just order a second set.

thanks again. keep up the good work.
Jesus A, Miami, Florida 2009

I just wanted to tell you that I love my zafu! I was recommended to you by Genshu at the Williamsburg Mediatation Center in Brooklyn where I sometimes attend Zazen. Anyway, having such a firm but comfortable seat definitely makes my practice smoother, so thank you so much.

-Meryl H, Brooklyn, New York 2009

Dear Liddun and Koshin

thank you so much for the beautiful work making my rakusu and for getting it to me before this weekend practice. I figure that now my rakusu and I can look forward to decades of good friendship, as I had with my earlier one, and I will always remember your part in its helping to create its strength and beauty.

Nine bows & gassho
Peter L, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Dear Koshin,

I am delighted to inform you that the custom Travel Zafu has safely landed in my office. Puffing into it today made me think about how symbolic it is to 'sit' on one's breath

Thank you for a quick and caring service.
May all being be happy!

Ram S, Berkeley, California 2009


I am sending this email to tell you how much I appreciate my zafu and
zabuton, really, very lovely. Thank-you.

Martina H, Topanga, California 2008

The zabuton and incense supplies arrived just fine. I'm very pleased
with them. It's great doing business with you, island to island and all.

Allen, T, Coupeville, Washington 2008


I wanted to thank you so much for the bench. Its truly beautiful and I'm recommending your company to all my friends. It exceeded my expectations. Its very high quality and quite unique.

Thank you so much for ensuring we received it on time. You were the only one willing to go out of your way for me and I very much appreciate it.

Thanks for the incense as well.

Bibiana M, Tualatin, Oregon 2008

I am loving my new patterned zafu.

Tom O, Missassanga, Ontario 2008

Got the robes a while back with plenty of time before the Seshin.  They fit very well and I just used them for a 3 day retreat at Haku-un-ji with Roshi this weekend. I am very happy with the robes and they will get plenty of more use. I am still using a Zabuton I ordered a couple of years ago from Still Sitting. It looks as good as when I first got it.  Keep up the good work!

Luis E, Phoenix, Arizona 2008

Howdy Koshin Cain,
Got the bench. It is wonderful. Please thank the folks. My four year old thinks its for her...might have suckered her into a sitting practice. Thanks;>
Shawn H, San Francisco, California 2008

I deeply appreciate all the work you did including, but not limited to, washing, sewing and shipping of this custom order.  Thank you for completing all this extra work in such a prompt and friendly manner.
In Gassho  --  Doug D, Oakland, California 2008

Dear Koshin Cain,
Just a quick note to let you know that the robes arrived the other day....  Thanks

Every once and a while I have the pleasure of dealing with a company that is run by good and virtuous folks and Still Sitting is one of those companies.  My order arrived actually quicker than I thought, in good condition and with no difficulties.  The products were of the highest quality and fit perfectly....  thanks again.

Rev. Mike S., Peach Blossom Sangha, Canada 2008

Hi, Christopher & Lidunn Cain:

Thanks for filling my incense order so quickly; a while back I purchased some incense from ……….. and was disappointed--very expensive, mediocre quality, small all future incense purchases I make will be from Still Sitting because of your excellent value in terms of quantity, quality and pricing.

I am making use of the lay robes Lidunn made for me with the "non-goal" of sitting forty minutes each day...Life is too short to not be sitting!

Allyn K, Fountain City, Wisconsin 2008

I received my zafu today and it is perfect - buckwheat and all. I feel proud to own one of your zafus.

Randa W, Houston, Texas 2008

Thank you. That was fast! I received the incense yesterday. The card is beautiful.

Thank you.
Cynthia S, Los Lunas, New Mexico 2008

Thank you for the Gozan.  I remember the scent well.  The zafus are fantastic, nice and plump.  We will love sitting on them! 

Catherine S, San Francisco, California 2008

I did'nt realize the large zabuton was so...large.� It sure is comfy...� Gasho.

Scott O, Shirley, New York 2008

Thank you so much for the beautiful hakama and for getting it to me well in time for Christmas morning. When Levi opened it, he said, "Yes!", then put it right on and wore it for the rest of the day! It is of the very highest quality, beautifully made with meticulous effort. It seems as though owning robes has been a precious thing for Levi, an outward manifestation of his spiritual journey and certainly I am beyond delighted to provide support for his inner life. I hope that you will continue to do this very important work for a long, long time.

Pina K, Santa Cruz, California 2008

The 2 cedar malas I ordered arrived today----I was shocked I got them so quickly! I use them as Muslim dhikr ("remembrance" [of God]) beads. I love them already! Thank you for your prompt and caring attention to my order.

Khadija H, Forest Park, IL 2008

I have just received my order and I am very happy with it, the zafu is perfect and the neck pillow is great� your site is beautiful and so is your work!
Thank you so much.

All the best,
Smadar O, Ojai, California 2008


I received my order yesterday. The quality of the products is excellent. Thank you for your quick service.

Gerry D, Chandler, Arizona 2008

Dear Koshin and Soshin-

I received my new robes yesterday and want to thank you for the beautiful work! I'm attending an osesshin with Shodo Harada Roshi next week on Whidbey and will have an opportunity to 'field test' them!

Thank you also for restoring my rakusu to health. You do beautiful and generous work.

Gentoku Ed L, Seattle, Washington 2008

I am incredible happy with my incense!! It is absolutely the best I have ever experienced! I will never be able to settle for anything less now�One hundred Thanks!!

Again thank you for such a wonderful experience shopping with you!!

Laura R, Albuquerque, New Mexico 2008

Nicely done and beautiful newsletter.� Thank you!

Marc V, Seattle, Washington 2008

Great information on sitting! Thanks. I only wish that your letter would come out more than four times a year.

Ed M, Hemet, California 2008

Koshin et alia:
Thanks for your newsletter. It's very well done! I printed out the page you have on sitting postures to give to my sangha this morning. It will go permanently in my newcomers material if that's ok with u.

Old Plum, Aberdeen, Washington 2008

You have done a great job on the newsletter and your website. Thanks for the sitting article in the newsletter. My body is not flexible and so advice is helpful.

Gerry D, Chandler, Arizona 2008

Thank you. I really am pleased with the buckwheat zafu and thick zabuton I have bought so far from your company. Having something to sit on that is comfortable has really helped my practice.

Amy R, Portland, Oregon 2008

Thank you Lidunn and Chris for the rakusu which arrived Ok.� Excellent work!� Thankyou,� gassho,

Andrew W., Anchorage, Alaska 2008

Thanks for the cushion set (and incense). It's beautiful and exactly what I was looking for.

Amos W., Cambridge, Massachusetts 2008

The collar arrived today, and of course it's perfect. Thanks for the quick turnaround.

Zenshin, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hi Koshin,

We are very happy with the tea cups. We will continue our co-operation when we need more.

When you have new items available please advise us.

Thank you again!

Best Regards
Elpi P., Ayios Tychonas, Cyprus 2008

Koshin, et. al.

Once again, thanks for your speedy service; I really appreciate the chance to sit on my new zafu on retreat next this week.

Jonas B, Seattle, Washington 2008

Dear Koshin, Hello again. You may recall that we ordered a zabuton from you a few months ago. We were so happy with it that we're ordering 13 more. Let us know when the zabutons will be ready, and we will arrange with you the best time to pick them up. Thank you.

Best wishes,
Mimi, Seattle, Washington 2008

Koshin -

My rakusu and pouch arrived today. They are beautiful. Nine bows of gratitude to you and your wife for these wonderful treasures.

Be well.
Ryusan, New Hartford, Connecticut 2008

Hey. I got my beautiful whites yesterday and they look great.

Seido, Miami, Florida 2008

I wore my new robes for the first time yesterday at a one-day zazenkai at Haku-un-ji. They fit perfectly! I am grateful for them. After being a member for over 12 years, I feel the new robes are a fitting testimony to entering a new phase in my practice.

Very best wishes,

Sherry H, Phoenix, Arizona 2007

Hi Koshin, The rakusu and pouch have arrived safe and sound. It is a beautiful piece of work that reflects the love and care that have gone into it's making and are a credit to the practice of the maker. I look forward to wearing it for many years to come and being continuosly inspired by its presence to sit with spine straight, hands in cosmic mudra, eyes open and breathing naturally with no gaining idea.

Gassho with deepest respect,

Shoshin H, Victoria, Australia 2007

Koshin, Thanks very much for your message! I was going to send you a note today as well. I do still very much enjoy my zafu and zabuton. I am using them regularly and they have held up extremely well. They are still in excellent condition and I expect they will be for years. The zafu in particular has done yeoman's duty, as anytime my 3 year old daughter gets a hold of it she uses it as her favorite toy, jumping off it, bouncing on it, etc. I have been thinking about buying her one of her own. Getting her to sit still on it at this point might prove to be impossible though ;)

Jay H, Telluride, Colorado 2007

Thank you so much! Delighted that you are able to do it. Your work is simply the best.

Pina K, Santa Cruz, California 2007

Greetings Koshin and Soshin! I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for sending the robe to me by UPS 2nd Day Air.� It arrived yesterday, just in time to try it on and pack it for my trip to Mt. Baldy this weekend!� It fits great and feels very comfortable and durable.

John H, Boston, MA 2007

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much.
The zafu and zabutan are wonderful. The fabric is soft and comfortable�and I like the deep green color. I have been sitting a lot the last few years and thought I could use a thicker�zabuton�to protect my knees this one helps my knees feel safer.

Do you have any�brochures�you could send me? I would like to�recommend�your zabutons and zafus to a few people there.

Thanks again,
Charles M, Seattle, Washington 2007

Dear Koshin,

Thank you so much for the cushions they are just perfect as I� feel more comfortable sitting in position especially with the Zafu. Their�highly made quality will indeed serve our meditation needs for�a� healthy dharma practice�for a long time!

It was also good to know that I was buying from you and wish you well with your endeavors.

Fiona T, Atlanta, Georgia 2007

Well, my order [zafus] made it on Christmas eve, and my wife opened it at Midnight, and she loved them.....� great quality and nice fabric.

� Thanks for making the effort to get it to me before Christmas.

Robert S, Mt. Vernon, New York 2007

Absolutely great travel cushion. Thank you!
Kim M. Nantucket, Massachusetts, 2007

Thank you very much for all your hard work in completing my rush order lay robes.  Everything arrived at Mt. Cobb in time for the Zazenkai.  The robes fit perfectly and enabled me to participate in all the activities…Thanks to all your sincere efforts, all sentient beings were able to fully realize our true self-nature!
Doug D. Oakland, California, 2007

Hello, the rakasu arrived today. It looks wonderful--thanks very much!
Karenleigh O. Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2007

I wanted to tell you in full how happy I am with my cushions... they've been put to a lot of use and they are comfortable yet firm. Sokai is responsible for introducing me to your company and I didn't think twice about buying another set of cushions from you.
David B. Tempe, Arizona, 2007

Koshin, the inkin arrived early last week, and is very beautiful- in design and tone.  I appreciate your help and your product, and will recommend your company to our sangha members.
Michel D. Sag Harbor, New York, 2007

Hi Chris, Just wanted to let you know I received the thick burgundy zabuton and crescent zafu and love them both. Practice is much more comfortable-could stay all day. They couldn't suit me better if you had measured and made accordingly. Thanks so much, continued success!
Jeanette S. University City, Missouri, 2007

Dear Chris, I just want to thank you and your company for the great sitting cushions that you sent us here in Chapel Hill.  They are beautiful and we are just floating on them.
Leila W. Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 2007

Koshin + Soshin, Just wanted to let you know the winter koromo arrived in fine shape. It's amazing, especially when you compare it to the summer number. I'm actually looking forward to cold weather to test its insulating properties.  Anyway, thanks  again for the great work.
Michael H. Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2007

Dear Koshin Chris Cain-  I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new crescent zafu and zabuton.  They arrived several weeks ago, and I have enjoyed sitting on them every day. I'm going on a meditation retreat this summer, and I was a bit concerned since my body is not as young as it used to be and it complains more when I sit for longer periods. I'm finding that I can adjust the buckwheat cresent zafu in just the ways I had hoped and I have confidence that I won't be so troubled by middle-aged aches during the retreat.
Thanks so much for the gentle attention I can feel in your products.
Louise J. Spring Valley, California, 2007

Dear Koshin Chris Cain, I received my robe today.  Very promp!  It fits perfectly. Thank you,
Klare S. Vancouver, Canada, 2007

Lidunn, We just got the zafus and zabutons. They are so beautiful. My mother is a talented seamstress who made my wedding dress, so my expectations and hopes for these things tend to be high. You did such a lovely job on them! I'll email you a picture when I have a chance.
Liz C. San Francisco, California, 2007

Dear Lidunn and Chris, I wanted to let you know that the collar arrived today--it is beautiful and perfect--thank you SO much for the lightning-like service.
Pina K. Santa Cruz, California, 2007

Hi Lidunn, Perfect!  Thank you so very much for your most excellent work [on my summer koromo]!!!!
William B. Vancouver, Canada, 2007

My zafu & zabuton arrived yesterday.  It looks much better in person and I'm glad I went with this particular color way (Burg/Black).  The Zabuton in particular has the perfect fluff to it and  I'm looking forward to many more meditation sessions minus the sleeping foot.  Thanks again !
One satisfied customer, Walnut, California, 2007

Received the cushions and love your products - I enjoyed reading your website and learning how both of you choose the path you are on. Your classic Zafu kept me company recently during a 10 day Vipassana and it will do so again this December. The 2 support cushions I just received are perfect support for my knees when I sit for longer periods. The workmanship and quality of your products are a testimony of your care. Thank you.
Hotse L. Lauderdale, Florida, 2007

It [the Rinzai Rakusu] arrived and is exquisite. Thank you.
Lee Ann M. Phoenix, Arizona, 2007

I am very pleased with the inkin!
Leslie D. Westerville, Ohio, 2007

I think your website is flawless, and that's a retired editor speaking.  I sent your home page to a friend who is a photographer, because of the beauty of the photograph.  The structure is also very attractive and suitable.  I have never seen a home page built like that. . . . I also like the emphasis on quality in such things as the clappers.  We were very happy with the covered teacup.  The beautiful calligraphy in dull glaze shows so well against the dark blue---really, it is more attractive than a photo can show.  We enjoyed the care taken in packaging.  It seemed to be the spirit of Zen.
Jeanne D. Columbus, Ohio, 2007

Thank you so much for providing me with such a fine rakusu. My Jukai ceremony was quite impressive and I am happy to say you contributed much to it.
Jeffrey M. Coral Springs, Florida, 2007

The Zagu was waiting at my door, thanks to the nice UPS man,  when I got home tonight.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to both of you!  It's beautiful!  And the hand written note made me smile:-)
Daniel H. Phoenix, Arizona

Hi Koshin, The robe arrived fine. Very nice work.
Jose Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, 2007

Dear Lidunn -- The workmanship [on my lay robe set] is superb.  All those beautiful French seams.  They fit wonderfully.
Carol S. California, 2007

You made me a crescent zafu.  I love it!  Thank you so much. I wish I had found you when I was looking for a zabuton. I'm not crazy about the one I got and you make good meditation products.
Thanks so much.
Sheila M. New York, 2007

I originally ordered the set of robes for Dai-sesshin at Mount Baldy in '04 but I have worn them for zazen just about every day since;  they are very sturdy & comfortable--thank you for the obvious skill & craft that went into their making;  I'm sure that the inkin & clappers will serve many zen trainees in their efforts.  Still Sitting really does a fine job of offering all the specific essentials to support zen training at home or at a center. I wonder if you've ever considered offering samu-e as well as robes?  That's about the only suggestion I might have.  Again, thank you for the support & the fine crafts that you offer.
Edward M. San Francisco, 2007

[My wife] purchased the crescent zafu for me as a gift and I'm enjoying it greatly.  It works well since I sit directly on the zabuton and use the zafu as support to keep from rolling backwards.  Even during long sits I'm never aware of the cushion - it's just right.  I also appreciate the high quality durable fabric. 
Jon P. Anacortes, 2007

There is some feedback that I would like to give to you and it is long overdue. Firstly, about my robes. They arrived just hours before Banka. I slipped out of my nearly transparent Mt. Baldy borrowed ones into the new ones...the first thing I noticed was the perfection of the fit..which was an incredible gift after toying constantly with the other robes. The crispness of the Hakama ( that's the skirt, right?) fabric took me a little by surprise, in that I immediately realized that it I was going to have to be very diligent about any lower body movements, because they were going to make that fabric sing. So I was happy, but a little nervous...and the first night and the first day passed. The second day was about one thing, and one thing only. SURVIVAL! All I could think was that I wasn't going to be able to sit one more hour...each time the bells rang I kept trying to imagine how I was going to explain, escape, or just disappear.  Then came day three.  I got up and dressed. I felt different. The robes felt different. I entered the Zendo, sat on my cushion, straightened my robes and suddenly felt the incredible power and beauty of my garments. They took on a sense of being a uniform, one which was exquisitely tailored. I felt noble, regal, and invincible all at once. I felt like a samurai. It was a moment of making a relationship...more than one actually....myself with the act of sitting, myself with the act of meditation, and myself with the image of becoming a soldier - dressed to go forward onto "the way of Zen"....and at once it was clear to me that I had been "clothed" in robes of tremendous magnificence and power. I sat taller, stronger, and more intensely from that moment on, and I wear my robes with the pride of purpose and presence with which they have certainly been crafted.

And the cushion is perfect Hard and just the right size. I used the support ones under each knee as necessary. Recently, I have decided that I would like a little more height which is why today I just ordered two more.
David V. Palm Springs, 2006

My boyfriend is a practitioner at the North Carolina Zen Center Brooks Branch Zendo, and when I went for a visit I commented on how the incense in the zendo was fragrant and very pleasant, and did not give me a headache (I am sensitive to smells). So, he found out who their supplier was, and now we both are happy because he gets to burn incense [Gozan] when he sits and I don't get headaches.
Sherrie B. North Carolina, 2006

I was looking for a reasonably priced whisk for matcha.  Terrific selection of meditation related items.
Joel B. New Jersey, 2006Randolph,

Thank you for your quick response.  I found your website to be beautiful and easy to use.  The information about shipping was most helpful. Thank you for getting my order out in time for Christmas. 
Cathy C. Wisconsin, 2006

The site is great and easy to follow and simple and attractive.  I'm a graphic designer and art director, so I found it very appealing.
Charles W. New York, 2006

Thanks for checking.  Yes, we did receive the cushions -- and they're gorgeous.  Thanks for helping with the address. 
Jane H. California, 2006

It was very easy to maneuver through your site, especially for a novice like me.  Shopping on line is still new to me but I'm finding the convenience well worth the effort.
Diane R. Massachusetts, 2006

With respect to your webpage, it is very well designed and easy to navigate. It offers almost everything what a "serious" Zen practitioner needs - robes, meditation cushions, zendo tools, etc. I do not know any other place in the North America where somebody would be able to buy a robe and I think that it is really good that Still Sitting Meditation Supply exists.
Branko V. Canada, 2006

My order arrived yesterday, and my daughter is thrilled with her new zafu and zabuton. Thanks for such a beautifully designed product. Your web site certainly caught my eye. It's well-designed, inviting, and user-friendly.  It also helped that the name of your business is an inversion of "Sitting Still," one of my favorite R.E.M. songs. ;-)
Bill M. New Jersey, 2006

You asked when you sent me a teapot to let you know if it arrived okay - well it did and it seems to pour well.  Looks delightful. The lotus seed bracelet is also good. Thanks.
Leslie R. Edinburgh, Scotland, 2006

Thank you so much for the wonderful robes! I know it took a lot of work to get them out on time, and I am very grateful to you both!
Chris B. Phoenix, Arizona, 2006

The robes arrived late Friday but I was so busy that I just now had time to open the box and try them on.  Everything is beautiful and fits so perfectly!  The koromo is great - again, I hope the fabric wasn't too hard to work with.  Thank you for your quick and expert work.
Marie N. Phoenix, Arizona, 2006

I've looked at robes on other sites, and apart from a German Buddhist site, Klange und Stille, I have not so far seen the same offering of authenticity and dedication.
Dr. Nick A. Lightning Ridge, Australia, 2006

I think the quality and thoroughness of the website initially attracted my attention compared to other sites. I like the fact that your company is family owned and that work is approached as a part of practice. Essentially, it seems like you offer a quality product and that my money is being well spent :)
Brian W. Evanston, Illinois 2006

The koromo belt which I earlier ordered from you arrived today.  It fits perfectly and is clearly crafted with care.  I thank you for your kind attention and for providing support to all of us who practice.
Brenda N. Meadow Lake, Canada, 2006

Thanks, by the way. Everything came much more quickly than I expected!
Wes T. Tokyo, Japan, 2006

Thank you for my robe - it fits perfect and is very beautiful. I appreciate your precise professionalism and exact dates!
Francesco A. New York, 2006

Just a quick note to let you know that I LOVE MY NEW KOROMO! 
Anne-Marie Q. Los Angeles, 2006

I browsed a number of sites offering meditation robes, but I felt yours was the most professional and offered the most reasonable price for the product. 
Scott C. Lexington, Kentucky, 2006

Det er supert. Takk for god service.
Fred M. Oslo, Norway 2006

Jeg har dårlige knær og sitter helst i seiza med bare en liten pute mellom helene og baken - og her er reisezafuen genial siden jeg kan justere den med oppblåsing. Takk!
Espen O. Oslo, Norway, 2006

Received my order today, the zafu and zabuton look great. I look forward to doing a little zazen this evening and trying them out.
Grant A.  Vancouver, Canada, 2006

I received your beautiful brown Soto rakusu a week ago and like it a lot! Thank you once again!
Harald S. Noer-Lindhoeft, Germany, 2006

I received the robes Friday after I returned from morning chanting.  They are great.  I used to make parachute equipment in Kapowsin, WA so I know a little about sewing, the quality and workmanship are first class. Thank you,
Larry C. Beaumont, California, 2006

I just wanted to let you know that I've been using your cushions for a while now, and I LOVE them.  Very well made, and extremely comfortable.  Thank you so much for an excellent product.  If you ever decide to put a testimonials page on your web site, let me know.  I'd be happy to write up a flowery word or two in high praise of your shop.
John H. Seattle, Washington 2006

The Rakusu pouch is already in my hands. Fortunately customs thought it was some kind of book.  (I buy a large number of books from abroad) and they didn't opened the envelope. Books in Brazil doesn't pay import taxes, so the Rakusu pouch arrived quickly in my address. Thank you for the kind manner to deal with me and probably with other customers. I hope you make good business and have a happy life.
Emmanuel W. Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2006