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Product Details:
Black on front and back

Silk: Our 100% Silk Rakusu is the finest of the lot. We make it from 4-ply Silk Crepe, a medium weight silk that has a crepe finish with a good deal of luster. It is a very fine traditional-looking silk rakusu.

Linen: Our 100% Antwerp Linen Rakusu gives you the beautiful look of linen. The highest quality linen is made in Europe, as ours is. As all true linen, it is made from flax fibers, and is quite possibly the world’s oldest textile.

Hemp: Our 100% Hemp Rakusu is made from durable and handsome hemp. Its course weave twill gives it a rustic look.

Poly-Cotton Twill:
This is our sturdiest rakusu, made to last a full time monastic a couple of decades. 65% polyester, 35% cotton.

Approx. 11”x14”

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