Matcha Gift Set $75.00

This attractively boxed set includes a large black and silver 20oz matcha bowl, a bamboo matcha scoop, an 80 bristle bamboo whisk and a simple lacquered matcha container. Made in Japan. Matcha is the tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

Matcha is green tea that has been crushed into a powder. This means you actually drink the leaves, and thus matcha contains higher concentrations of healthy vitamins and catechins.

Still Sitting also supply all the accessories used to make and store Matcha, from handmade bamboo whisks and scoops, to laquer pots and gift sets.


1 x 20oz large matcha bowl
1 x bamboo matcha scoop
1 x 80 bristle bamboo whisk
1 x lacquered matcha container.

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