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Friend of Pine (Matsu-no-tomo) $20.00
King's Aroma (Sachet) (Ohjya-koh) $9.00 / Sachet Out Of Stock
King's Aroma (Roll) (Ohjya-koh) $25.00 / Roll
Pride of Kyoto (Sachet) (Kyo-jiman) $13.00 / Sachet Out Of Stock
Pride of Kyoto (Roll) (Kyo-jiman) $37.00 / Roll
Beckoning Spring (Sachet) (Shun-yo) $16.00 / Sachet Out Of Stock
Beckoning Spring (Roll) (Shun-yo) $50.00 / Roll
Gentle Smile (Sachet) (Misho) $20.00 / Sachet Out Of Stock
Gentle Smile (Roll) (Misho) $75.00 / Roll

Our Premium Incense is something special.  They all make a lovely fragrance and are made from the highest quality ingredients.  They are all handsomely packaged, suitable for gift giving.  Our Premium Incense rolls have 35 sticks, 7 inches long.  Each stick lasts approximately 40 minutes. 

If you’d like to sample our Premium Incenses, you may now purchase a small amount – an attractive 9 stick sachet.  These sticks are 5 inches long and burn for approximately 30 minutes.

Here’s our description of our different fragrances:




Friend of Pine
True to its name, this incense has a fresh, green aroma, with the subtle sweetness of pine. Handsomely packaged.
King’s Aroma
This is a royal fragrance – sandalwood, clove, and patchouli mix to make a deep, earthy scent.
Pride of Kyoto
Not heavily perfumed, this is a truly subtle incense. Deep natural aroma – brings one into the forested world. Handsomely packaged.
Beckoning Spring (Shun-yo)
A rich and complex scent.  This incense offers a very pleasant combination of earthy and sweet.  Koshin’s favorite.
Gentle Smile
This incense has a fresh, but deep fragrance, with subtle clove aroma. It is named for Mahakashyapa’s smile. Once the Buddha lectured on Vulture Peak, but rather than his usual discourse, the Buddha only sat silently. All of his disciples wondered what was going on. As the assembly was beginning to get restless, the Buddha held up a flower. The assembly was baffled; only Mahakashyapa, one of the senior disciples, smiled. Seeing his smile, the Buddha said, 'My true Dharma is transmitted to Mahakashyapa."

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